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Sometimes I make things.

Nov. 14, 2022

FAN FILM THEATER: Fan films of the 90s and 2000s (with Azeem of TFN F…

Recollections from the heyday of Star Wars fan films

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Nov. 7, 2022

MARCIA MARCIA MARCIA: The Legacy of Marcia Lucas (with @TalkingBay94)

Filling the Marcia Lucas-sized hole in the story of Star Wars

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Oct. 31, 2022

FLUENT COMMUNICATION: What I Have in Common with Darth Vader and Mace…

Communication, vulnerability, and leaning in to who you are. Oh and a bit of Star Wars talk.

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Oct. 24, 2022

MAD GODS: A discussion of LIGHT & MAGIC

We have an emotional reaction to the ultimate BTS doc

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Oct. 10, 2022

ROGUE ONE '77: What if Rogue One was made in the 70s?

A Star Wars movie known for its dialog from a parallel universe

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Oct. 4, 2022

Fighting for Real: ANDOR Episodes 1-4

We are wowed by the first episodes of ANDOR

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Sept. 28, 2022

THE TRADE FEDERATION: or Let's Explore Globalization Through the Star…

Mixing experimental Marxist theater with Star Wars?

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Sept. 21, 2022


Before ANDOR, we close the book on the last Disney+ series

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Sept. 14, 2022

SERIOUS SILLINESS: Wookieepedia (with @WookOfficial AKA Jordan)

The serious and silly business of cataloging a fictional galaxy

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Sept. 7, 2022

GRUNGE PHASE: How DARK EMPIRE shaped Star Wars in the 90s

Tom Vietch and Cam Kennedy's comic defined Star Wars for a new generation

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Aug. 31, 2022

DARK FORCES: Mental Health in Star Wars

How Star Wars characters handle depression and other mental health issues

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Aug. 24, 2022

What is Star Wars? (SOMC Crossover)

We attempt to answer this deceptively simple question

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Aug. 18, 2022

The Redemption of Darth Vader (SOMC Crossover)

Was Darth Vader truly redeemed at the end of Return of the Jedi?

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Aug. 10, 2022

REBEL SCANNERS: Preserving Star Wars (with Rob of TEAM NEGATIVE 1)

How fans are preserving original film prints of the Star Wars films for posterity

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Aug. 3, 2022

ROLE MODELS: The time I saw George Lucas (with special guest MY MOM)

Yes, I really made a Star Wars podcast with my mom

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July 27, 2022

PREQUELS 1986: What if the prequels were made in the 1980s?

A radical thought experiment about an alternate Star Wars production history

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July 6, 2022


We discuss what works and what doesn't about the Special Editions and wrestle with why they exist.

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June 29, 2022

OH, HI MARK: Our 1996 Interview with Mark Hamill

We interviewed Mark Hamill when we were 12 and never listened to the tape...UNTIL NOW

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June 22, 2022

TREK WARS: Star Wars vs Star Trek

What is the real relationship is between the two most famous "Stars?"

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June 20, 2022

The War on Children: OBI-WAN KENOBI Part 5

Thoughts on canon, flashbacks, and media literacy

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June 15, 2022

MAKING OFs MADE US: Star Wars Behind the Scenes

We discuss how the making-of documentaries for the Star Wars films and how they influenced our lives

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June 14, 2022

You Might Say We're Encouraged to Love: OBI-WAN KENOBI Part 4

Where we talk Jedi Batman Shit and limits of the Volume

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June 8, 2022

BIG DOORS: Return of the Jedi

An extra-large episode devoted to our problematic fave of the original Star Wars trilogy.

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June 3, 2022

Their Fire Has Gone Out of the Universe: OBI-WAN KENOBI Part 3

Fear, fire, and making racism bad again.

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June 1, 2022

THE FIRST RETCON: Splinter of the Mind's Eye

We discuss the first sequel to Star Wars – and the first piece of the expanded universe to be rendered non-canon!

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May 31, 2022

The Dark Times: OBI-WAN KENOBI Parts 1 & 2

We get a taste of that old Star Wars magic...

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May 25, 2022

EYES OF IRVIN KERSH: The Empire Strikes Back

JOSH, JON and MURRAY take on the sacred bantha of Star Wars movies. You love it, we know.

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May 18, 2022

MAY THE FORCE BEA ARTHUR: The Star Wars Holiday Special (with Andrew …

We discuss the STAR WARS HOLIDAY SPECIAL and Andrew Oborne's SPECIAL, a play about its creation

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May 11, 2022


Three kids of the late 80s and early 90s revisit the original STAR WARS as adults...

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Feb. 12, 2022

Western Kaiju Smash-Up: BOOK OF BOBA FETT Episode 7 (Finale)

The Junked Droids discuss the finale of THE BOOK OF BOBA FETT, "In the Name of Honor"

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Feb. 5, 2022

Jedi Lesson Plans: BOOK OF BOBA FETT Episode 6

The Junked Droids discuss episode 6 of THE BOOK OF BOBA FETT, "From the Desert a Stranger Comes"

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Jan. 29, 2022

Wizard! BOOK OF BOBA FETT Episode 5

The Junked Droids discuss episode 5 of THE BOOK OF BOBA FETT, "Return of the Mandalorian"

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Jan. 23, 2022

Jim Henson in the Kitchen: BOOK OF BOBA FETT Episode 4

The Junked Droids talk Wolverine, Robocop, and keeping Star Wars Weird in their discussion of episode 4 of THE BOOK OF BOBA FETT: "The Gathering Storm"

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Jan. 16, 2022

Newbacca vs. The Mod Squad: BOOK OF BOBA FETT Episode 3

The junked droids discuss the third episode of THE BOOK OF BOBA FETT, "The Streets of Mos Espa"

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Jan. 8, 2022

Tatooine is Stolen Land: BOOK OF BOBA FETT Episode 2

The Junked Droids discuss episode 2 of STAR WARS: THE BOOK OF BOBA FETT.

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Jan. 5, 2022

Spaghetti Western Homage Planet: BOOK OF BOBA FETT Episode 1

The Junked Droids discuss the first episode of STAR WARS: THE BOOK OF BOBA FETT.

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