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Truly Wonderful

My favorite episodes were the revisiting of the host’s old childhood fan magazines and interview with Mark Hamill. I love hearing fans’ Star Wars stories and this podcast has some great ones.

Just when you thought you didn’t need another Star Wars podcast…. This is one to listen to folks. Josh and his guests have great insights and always strike the right balance of thoughtful criticism and a genuine love of the Star Wars galaxy.

I love that you guys discuss so much as filmmakers and all the research you do on the films that the directors made right before their Star Wars movie, etc. - it’s way different and more engaging than a normal rewatch pod.

A must listen for any Star Wars fan

With so many Star Wars podcast, this one stands out from the crowd with its insightful, philosophical, and critical analysis of Star Wars without the host or guests ever being dismissive or disrespectful to each other, the material or the creators of the material. Josh is an amazing host, whose deep love and knowledge of Star Wars always shines through. The rotating group of guests are always fun, entertaining and bring new thoughts about this franchise. I always come away with new ideas and the feeling of having spent time with good friends. This is one of my favorite podcasts and I recommend it for the casual to the hard core deep cuts Star Wars fan.