June 29, 2022

OH, HI MARK: Our 1996 Interview with Mark Hamill

We interviewed Mark Hamill when we were 12 and never listened to the tape...UNTIL NOW

Twenty-six years before it existed, Trash Compactor got its greatest "get." And, friends, blow it we did not. We're confident you'll agree once you finally hear, straight from the source, the answer to the burning question that's been on everyone's lips—is Mark Hamill good at the 1996 PC game Wing Commander IV: The Price of Freedom?

But let's back up for a minute. In the mid-'90s, a 12-year-old JOSH and his similarly prepubescent pal SAM snagged a shockingly lengthy phone interview with Mr. Mark Hamill. (The rest of us at TC assume this may have been the result of a questionable deal Josh or Sam brokered with then-up-and-coming horror trickster Wishmaster. They both remain tight-lipped about it). But what came of this? We'll tell you: a cassette recording of a no-holds-barred encounter between two sixth-graders and a movie legend. And by "no holds barred," we mean a gracious Hamill gives thoughtful answers to literally every question, shakes off a few unintentional low blows only a kid could inflict, makes a timely Sinead O'Connor reference, politely ignores a lot of excited whispering between the interviewers, and clearly considers it his duty to talk to a pair of preteens for a solid 20 minutes. Breaking news: Mark Hamill is a very nice man.

Join us as Josh and Sam react to this unearthed interview for the first time ever. With a little help from their friends/emotional support animals TIM and FREY, they bravely take on the grueling but highly entertaining task of listening to their 12-year-old selves shoot the shit with Luke Skywalker IRL.

(Psst—just kidding about the Wishmaster thing. Didn't mean to scare you. We won't spoil the real story here in the notes, but it involves Z-100, Virgin Megastore, and collect calls. The 90s, baby! Check out some photos from the event that set it all in motion).

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[00:00:00] Josh: Welcome to Trash Compactor. I'm Josh and joining me today is Frey.

[00:00:06] Frey: Hello.

[00:00:07] Josh: And we have two special guests. an old friend of mine, Sam

[00:00:11] Sam: Hey there.

[00:00:12] Josh: And Tim.

[00:00:13] Tim: Hello.

[00:00:15] Josh: Today's a special one guys. In 1996, Sam and I ventured to the grand opening of the Virgin Megastore in times square to see Mark Hamill, who was making a personal appearance to promote, I believe the release of the computer game Wing Commander 4: The Price of Freedom.

[00:00:32] Does that ring a bell for any of you?

[00:00:33] Frey: Not that one.

[00:00:35] Josh: Not that one?

[00:00:35] Frey: Yeah.

[00:00:36] Josh: Um, so if you do the math 1996, uh, we were both somewhere in the neighborhood of 12 years old at the time, do you recall how we ended up going there, Sam? I know your dad brought us.

[00:00:48] Sam: Oh, is that true? I didn't do remember that part. No, I remember. I like, I think I was just like listening to Z 100 or something, and they had mentioned that, uh, mark Hamill was going to be, uh, signing autographs that I, I told you about it. Cause I thought that was, that'd be pretty interesting to do. And you immediately, uh, thought we should, we should interview.

[00:01:07] I was like, okay, let's see how this goes. And so yeah, we we went in there.

[00:01:11] yeah.

[00:01:12] Josh: Yeah. So, so as Sam alluded to so we went to see him and we got our little action for your sign, whatever. And I guess, I don't know how it came up, but we ended up, we did an interview with him, a phone interview for a kid's newspaper that we, were sort of involved with at the time.

[00:01:32] and I don't believe this interview was ever published, ever printed. I don't think anything ever happened with it. It was just really an excuse to like, be able to talk to mark Hamill on the phone. I think that there was like the intention to do it, but it, the paper folded or something.

[00:01:46] Do you have any

[00:01:46] memory?

[00:01:47] Sam: went out of business or I don't even know if it was, I don't even remember what I think it was like the main street news or something like that. Oh,

[00:01:54] Josh: Was the name of the

[00:01:54] Sam: that's right. Yeah. And yeah, it, it it closed down before we got to publish it.

[00:02:00] Josh: yeah, so, fast forward about, 25 ish years, This is pre COVID. So this is a couple of years ago, at least, but I was cleaning out some things, at my parents' house. And I came across this cassette tape and wouldn't, you know, it was a recording of this phone call that 12 year old Sam and 12 year old me had with Mark Hamill not 12 years old in 1996.

[00:02:24] He was, he was somewhat older than that. I believe I did I send you that Sam, when I discovered it,

[00:02:31] Sam: Yeah.

[00:02:31] Josh: I also did some slew thing because I wanted to figure out when this actually was, so I like searched for like, you know, mark Hamill, wing commander, Virgin Megastore in 1990s, whatever.

[00:02:43] And much to my shock, there was some website it was a wing commander site that had this like log of every promotional event that had ever happened in connection with the game or something. And they had this one and there were photos from the event that I had no idea , were even taken. I had no idea these photos existed. So I clicked on them. I was like, oh, weird. Okay. There were photos.

[00:03:07] And there were a zillion photos of you and me and camel.

[00:03:11] Frey: Wait. So the one that you, uh, shared like a few weeks ago, that was that, that wasn't your personal photo.

[00:03:17] You got

[00:03:17] Josh: no,

[00:03:17] no,

[00:03:18] Sam: Yeah, I don't think we took any pictures.

[00:03:20] Josh: I had no idea. These existed. Sam, what was your thought when I reached out after these years of, uh, you know, radio silence with these photos of you and me seeing mark Hamill, when we were 12,

[00:03:33] Sam: At first, I was like, oh, that's cool. Cause like, you know, this is obviously a story I've told to people over the years, right? Like, like that's like the, you know, my breast with vape. Right. I, I interviewed mark ham and I was like, okay, cool. Like here's some like proof of it. And like, I'd never thought I would hear a bit of God.

[00:03:50] Um, and so like you sent it to me and I clicked play at a leak, click stop and have never listened to it since never shared it with anybody. So this is, this is an interesting experience.

[00:04:03] Josh: We have this interview, this recording, dear listeners of mark Hamill in 1996, he was a sensibly promoting, you know, wing commander for, I believe must have gotten some instruction from, his, agent or something about what to talk about, because a lot of what we, he talks about and we ask them about, we talk about black Pearl, which was the comic that he was working on at the time, which like, I don't know that we would have known about,

[00:04:29] Sam: Yeah,

[00:04:30] Frey: Um,

[00:04:30] Sam: I'm pretty sure. Yeah, you did all of the coordination. Like I don't, I don't even know what that process looked like in terms of what the back and forth there was.

[00:04:38] You just told me, Hey, there's a date, mark. Hamill is going to call us, come on over.

[00:04:43] Frey: I like I was a team effort. You got Sam, you got them. You got the do to, to the store. And then coordinated the rest.

[00:04:50] Sam: Yeah. I also remember sometime like brainstorming questions with you, Josh, but I think most of those were came from you. Uh,

[00:04:59] Josh: This is so ridiculous.

[00:05:01] Sam: not putting the blame on you.

[00:05:04] Josh: I just, I just, it's so funny that I don't even, I don't know if you heard, but, uh, we recorded another episode where we read through a star wars newsletter that I made, I think a year prior to when we conducted this interview. So it's funny from my vantage point now, it's like, I had this like, burgeoning career as an entertainment journalist, apparently like, why, why would I have thought to was I thinking?

[00:05:29] Sam: It was kind of a good idea. It worked out.

[00:05:32] Tim: I'm trying to imagine mark Hamill's agent discussing questions with a 12 year old, and that's pretty fucking funny to me. I'm not going to lie. That's that's a treat, you know, mark Hamill. Doesn't want to talk about that. And he does want to talk about his comic, which like, I mean, like I've read that comic and like I'm not sure any 12 year old is going to fully grasp what's going on in black Pearl.

[00:05:57] Josh: No, no me either. I went on eBay and I bought a copy of the trade paperback because I wanted to familiarize myself and yeah, like this is not subject matter that a 12 year old I think would gravitate toward or frankly should be reading.

[00:06:14] Frey: It's kind of like a blank man beats like Nightcrawler at the movie night crawler with Jake Gyllenhaal beats Watchmen.

[00:06:20] Tim: Yeah. Yeah. Like, oh, with like a weird hint of like the, sort of the tone of dark man, uh, thrown in there just for,

[00:06:28] just for giggles. It's it's super weird. And the idea of you talking to an agent, little 12 year old talking to mark Hamill's agent is like chef's kiss. That's hilarious.

[00:06:37] Josh: have no idea. I mean, again, I've no memory of how this came about, I don't know if this was like you and me strategizing so that we would like see, seem cool. but I feel like I have some memory that there was a, like, Of resistance to the star wars questions. Like we didn't want to come right out of the gate with like a whole bunch of star wars questions.

[00:06:57] Tim: You don't want to seem to overeat.

[00:06:59] Josh: exactly. exactly. And like, we don't want to seem like just any, you know, star wars fans, right. It's like, we appreciate the totality of your, of your body of work of which star wars is, but one albeit significant, which is one facet of your multifaceted career.

[00:07:17] Tim: Yeah, trying to play it off. Like you're the only two, 12 year olds in 1996 who are cuckoo for star wars.

[00:07:28] Josh: Uh, okay. so I'm going to go ahead and play the first clip from from 1996, from 12 year old, Josh and 12 year old Sam. so it sort of begins in the middle,

[00:07:39] Frey: star wars. of you

[00:07:41] Sam: before you play it, the, the thing I remember most about this and like I recount to everybody's

[00:07:46] how the interview actually began, which I think part partially explains why you forgot to hit record, which is that, you know, we were standing in your living group waiting for the phone call from Mark Hamill.

[00:07:57] you, I remember you pick up the phone and have this extremely confused look on your face and then you're like, yeah, yeah. Okay. And then, and then we get connected and it turns out he called us collect from California, which is extremely expensive at the time. Uh, so I remember that's the thing I remember about this interview is mark will call us collect.

[00:08:20] Josh: yeah.

[00:08:22] Frey: have been great to have that first part on like a recorded call from Mark Campbell.

[00:08:28] Josh: Yeah. That's true. Um, yeah. So anyway, so I'm going to go ahead and play this clip. I think it's about a minute or so, so, uh, this is 1996, a couple of 12 year olds. Very excited to talk to mark Hamill. We all know and love as Luke Skywalker. here we go.

[00:08:45] MARK HAMILL: And it was, you had to do different versions depending on how the player, you know, decided to move along. So I'd never done anything like that before where there were so many different versions to fill and the script was much, much thicker than a normal script because there were so many variations and, uh, we had a lot of fun.

[00:09:06] It was really a lot of fun to make. And, and Tom Wilson kept us laughing and Malcolm McDowell

[00:09:12] was great and I really, really enjoyed it. Okay. So a seminar or taking turns, asking

[00:09:19] other questions. So I'll give them the phone now.

[00:09:24] Josh: Okay. So that's the first clip. I believe that was my voice because I refer to Sam. So, so by process of elimination, that's me.

[00:09:32] Frey: it was about when commander

[00:09:33] Josh: yeah. Yeah. He's talking about, he's talking about when commander for the price of freedom, which was a big deal because like 96, like those full motion cut scenes where they actually like shot real actors and real sets, that was, uh, a big kind of exciting thing at the time.

[00:09:50] Tim: Uh, I mean, yeah, it was, it was a huge deal when I was a kid to see that, but mine was mostly, mostly was those interactions with Tim Curry and whoever they pulled in for missed it. yeah,

[00:10:02] There was a while. In which, when you, when you saw, when you saw like real actors on screen, you were like, Ooh, you know, like this isn't just like the

[00:10:09] game designers, brother, like that's Tim Curry.

[00:10:12] Like that's

[00:10:12] mark Hamill.

[00:10:13] Like it.

[00:10:14] Frey: There's one with Cory Hammond. Remember the name of it? I want to say switch something.

[00:10:17] Josh: Well,

[00:10:18] Frey: it, but it's

[00:10:19] Josh: I sent out the trailer to wing commander for, I found on YouTube and it's wild. The actors that they have in this Malcolm McDowell and Tom Wilson and mark Hamill obviously. And then also, John Spencer, who, who was, probably now is most well known as Leo McGarry on the west wing.

[00:10:36] Like it's just a crazy cast for like a cheapo video game. I don't know, like at the time this was like the, the cutting edge of

[00:10:45] media.

[00:10:46] Frey: you know, it's weird you go, if you watch like the trailer on YouTube, it's pretty clear a video, which like, I don't remember, like, that's, I feel like that's not the experience that you have when you're playing them at home on your computer. In like 1996 is usually very like pixelated. Um, so I dunno, I guess that's like, from like, you know, obviously they had, they must have like an original, uh, the original video for it,

[00:11:07] Tim: I love those cutscenes cause they really get across just like which actors in 1996 kinda needed the money.

[00:11:14] Josh: totally. So, so Malcolm McDowell though, I think very famously, he never turns down an offer. like he says yes to, to, every job. So you see him show up in like some really

[00:11:26] like shitty low rent things, there was a movie about, there was like a right wing, like C list, uh, I'd like

[00:11:34] director video, or I guess directly, streaming a

[00:11:37] movie about,

[00:11:38] Bernie Sanders, where like the whole gag was like, Bernie Sanders is visited, by the

[00:11:42] ghost of like Joseph Stalin or something and like inspires him to become a politician because politicians don't have to work he's

[00:11:50] Tim: free lunch express

[00:11:51] Josh: Yes, yes,

[00:11:52] yes.

[00:11:53] Tim: express. Oh my God. Yeah. The free lunch

[00:11:54] express is completely insane.

[00:11:56] Josh: It's it's it's bonkers.

[00:11:58] And anyway, I'm pretty sure Malcolm McDowell is in that movie.

[00:12:02] Tim: Yeah.

[00:12:03] Josh: because he has any idea what he's doing. He just, he has, he has a policy of like, he, he never turns down a job.

[00:12:13] So,

[00:12:13] Tim: Yeah. That's why.

[00:12:14] Josh: so, so

[00:12:15] he will lend his, , gravitas to like

[00:12:17] right wing Agit prop.

[00:12:19] And he will lend his gravitas to the cutting edge, multimedia, PC game experience of the day. Okay. Anyway, I'm gonna play this a second clip here.

[00:12:31] MARK HAMILL: Okay. Um, how did you land the role of Colonel Christopher Blair in the last two wing commander games? Well, let me see. I went, they told me that, uh, Chris Roberts wanted to meet with me about being a part of the, of the, of the game. And I went in and we talked all about it. I didn't really, I had done one.

[00:12:54] CD rom a CD rom called Gabriel night, but I just did the voice. I mean, it was, uh, like an animated thing. And, uh, after he told me the story,

[00:13:05] um, I, the, and he asked, did I want to do it? I really wanted to do it. So, uh, off we went, that's the way I did it. I just met with the director of the creator and we talked about it and we decided that we both wanted to do it.

[00:13:19] So that's how that worked out. Okay. Now I'm going to pass it back to Josh.

[00:13:24] Sam: man. All right. Well, I make my grand entrance there.

[00:13:31] Josh: how does it feel to hear yourself at

[00:13:33] Sam: Oh, it's, it's pretty brutal, but you know, it's all

[00:13:38] right.

[00:13:38] Frey: guys are adorable.

[00:13:40] Sam: I did. Anything I noticed with that is I was like, you know, obviously like reading this paper with this name, like I had never played way competitor. I didn't know Eddie, like, you know, I was like trying to figure this out, you know, obviously I was there for the star wars, but you know, we're, we're going to

[00:13:56] Frey: You guys are pros.

[00:13:57] Josh: If that's the price of entry to talking to Luke Skywalker, like whenever I got to do

[00:14:02] Frey: He knows that too. Like you knew that whole time he's not, he's not like he's not like a given you like cutting your break and getting to it. He's like, no, I'm going to let them ask all their questions that they carefully crafted to get to star wars.

[00:14:14] Josh: what's so interesting though. Is that like, so, at this point in his career, this is not super far removed from star wars, like he's, he's still. You know, like this is sort of that fallow period. before star wars had a resurgence, like this is before the special additions before the prequels, I mean, obviously, you know, we live in a crazy star wars, saturated universe now,

[00:14:38] where it seems like, you know, obviously he's, he's returned to star wars a couple of times. in recent years I feel like he's, um, he's definitely, at a point in his life where he's, totally comfortable being known as Luke Skywalker. And I don't know if there was, I mean, I don't know, like maybe I'm projecting, but I feel like, at that time, , I'm wondering if the relationship he had with his fame for that role, wasn't a little more complex.

[00:15:03] I don't know, like I actually have no idea.

[00:15:05] Tim: mean, mostly in the nineties, he was the joker.

[00:15:08] Frey: right,

[00:15:09] Tim: was what he was doing. He was doing, you know, whatever, 60 or 70 episodes. I don't know how many, they ended up making that animated series. But like, I heard him in my, on my television set when I was a kid. Cause he was the joker.

[00:15:21] Josh: No, totally. Yeah. And that show is fucking . Awesome. And he's great in it

[00:15:25] Tim: Yeah. I had like a disconnect. It took me until I was like fully a teenager before I finally realized those are the same

[00:15:32] person.

[00:15:32] Frey: I think I knew they're the same person and like, I still couldn't put them together for awhile because like, I don't know. I just think of like little Luke Skywalker is weird. Think that like jokers, voices coming out of his mouth.

[00:15:46] Tim: Yeah. And it's weird.

[00:15:48] Josh: Okay, let's play this next clip. so I've already lost track. So is this a me question or are you question now?

[00:15:54] Sam: you're, you're coming up next.

[00:15:55] Frey: Yeah.

[00:15:56] Josh: Okay. Here we go.

[00:15:57] MARK HAMILL: Okay. Um, let me

[00:15:59] see, uh, oh wait.

[00:16:04] Oh, uh,

[00:16:06] uh,

[00:16:06] which was more enjoyable to film a wing commander three or four.

[00:16:11] Oh, that's a tough one. Uh, seen a wing commander three. We weren't really sure whether or not it would be a success. Um, but we still had fun, but, uh, when, when, when

[00:16:24] commander three came out and did so well, you know, became one of the highest grossing games of all time.

[00:16:30] I think when we came back to do wing commander, for everyone felt a certain sense, that sense of accomplishment and that we'd been successful. So, uh, it was a little bit more, uh, of a sure thing. Uh, it's hard to pick, you know, uh, I enjoyed them both probably for different reasons, but, uh,

[00:16:50] wing four was much more ambitious.

[00:16:53] I mean, it was much, much bigger budget and, uh, uh, kind of more of a challenge because we didn't want to make it just wing commander three all over again. We want to give the player a new experience. Yeah. And I also heard that, uh, when commander three was filmed on blue screen and four was filmed on.

[00:17:13] That's right. Actually it was green screen, but it was the same process. Uh, and you're right. And then wing commander four with a much bigger budget they built for like they would for a traditional movie. So when commander three really had to kind of use your imagination a little bit more because you had to look at the monitor and see what the background was going to be when, when, uh, when it was finished and, uh, you know, just pretend.

[00:17:39] And that's what acting is pretending.

[00:17:43] Frey: did I catch a little, like whispering between you two in the middle?

[00:17:46] Josh: Yeah. Yeah. I think where we, where we whispering to each other, what were we talking about? What could we possibly be talking about one mark Hamill was talking.

[00:17:54] Sam: don't know. I remember like, we were like, so nervous that like he wants to get it right. That I, I feel like my vague recollection is like, we weren't really paying that much attention to what he was saying.

[00:18:03] Josh: Yeah.

[00:18:04] Sam: Such an overwhelming thing.

[00:18:06] Tim: Sam, you certainly weren't. I mean, I feel like Josh asked the first followup question in this interview,

[00:18:12] like Sam would get his question and he would answer, and then Sam would be like, great. Now, Josh.

[00:18:18] Sam: I remember that was one thing you actually cause like at the end of my question was like, I'm going to give Josh back and I'd probably do that a couple more times. I remember you told me, stop, stop doing that at some point, uh, you know, we gotta be professional here.

[00:18:30] Josh: Oh, you mean,

[00:18:32] Sam: Yeah, yeah,

[00:18:36] Josh: I have to say like, just from these first couple of questions and listening to his answers, he's really being very generous and really treating us like,

[00:18:47] not like we're kids.

[00:18:49] Frey: Talk to me like you're like adults. It's pretty cool.

[00:18:51] Josh: Yeah. Which is like really, really cool of him. I'm just saying. Okay. Nope. Uh, Sam, I think this is a you one.

[00:18:58] MARK HAMILL: Okay. Have you ever played wing commander four. And are you good at it? Yes. I played wing commander four and I don't consider myself a very good player. Uh, you have to have commitment to, to get better. And my problem is, or at least right now. I didn't really have a lot of time to spend doing it. My, my, my son can sit there and play it for three hours straight, but, uh, I'm working on this comic book and we always have deadlines.

[00:19:32] I mean, we always have to have material sent in by the end of the week and it never lets up. So, I mean, I look forward to someday having the time to do it, but I haven't right now. Okay. Um, back to

[00:19:46] Josh. Okay, Sam. Okay. Um, are there plans for when commander five? Um, I think I've heard some rumors about wing commander five, nothing for sure.

[00:20:00] Sure. Right now, but I think wing commander five is my focus on. The maniac character. I've heard that maybe it's going to be called maniacs mission and that Colonel Blair wouldn't be in it, but I'm not sure, you know, I'm not positive. And, uh, I don't think anybody at the company. Sure. Right now either. So we have to kind of wait and see.

[00:20:25] Frey: Oh, yeah, he tried. He tried to SEG you from wink matter four into the, in the black Pearl, the comic book. And you're like, anyway, when when commander five,

[00:20:33] like what's.

[00:20:33] Sam: Yeah.

[00:20:35] Josh: like I'm actually genuinely impressed with

[00:20:37] the graciousness of the answer he gave. Like, that was a bullshit question. We asked him like, are you good at this video game?

[00:20:45] Sam: You know,

[00:20:46] Josh: No, but like he gave, he gave a very thoughtful, a very thoughtful answer.

[00:20:51] Sam: Yeah, he, I have impressed looking back at it and meanwhile, I'm like, you know, probably just like, okay, wrap it up. I don't know. Like, I've got nothing else to say. I felt like I was rushing him at the end, like, okay. Okay. That's fine.

[00:21:05] Josh: Yeah. When commander. Okay. So maybe, uh, we're moving on from when commander now, if I'm asking him about when commander five, so let's see, uh, see what this question is.

[00:21:14] MARK HAMILL: Okay, can you tell us a little bit? Sure. Okay. The it's called the black Pearl and it's, uh, it's about, uh, tabloid journalism. It's about sensationalism in the press. You know, those shows like hard copy and, and, uh, uh, inside edition and current affair and all that. And it's about, uh, a guy who becomes an overnight hero.

[00:21:45] And, uh, and it's, uh, it's a, uh, uh, an action adventure kind of a movie, uh, more kind of a thriller, really about a guy that decides that he wants to try to do in real life. What he's only seen in comic books, he wants to really go out and, and, and, and, and get a costume and hide his identity and, and really go out and fight con.

[00:22:11] But the difference is it's meant to be a story that could really happen, not a story like Superman, which is fantasy, that he has no super powers. He has, uh, no

[00:22:24] magic. He's someone who uses, uh, his, his, skills, uh, to create, uh, gadgets and, and, uh, uh, try to, uh, uh, give himself, uh, homemade superpowers. So, uh, uh, it's, it's, uh, hopefully it's, an exciting story.

[00:22:50] But it's also what they call a cautionary tale, kind of be careful what you wish for because, uh, uh, you don't know what's going to happen. And, and to me, uh, uh, I think it would be extremely difficult to go out and, and be a Batman, be someone who has an

[00:23:08] identity in the daytime and a different identity at night.

[00:23:11] But, uh, it's a graphic novel. That's going to be starting in September from dark horse comics in five parts. And, uh, that makes 110 pages altogether. And at the end of that, they're going to collect up all the stories in one book. Well, I should say if the, for, if the comic sells well enough, they'll do that.

[00:23:32] So hopefully, uh, uh, people will like it and continue to buy it. So it would come out September, October, November, December, and then January of 97 will be the last. And it's based on a screenplay. I wrote with Eric Johnson, who's my writing partner. And, uh, we want to make it into a film eventually. And I would like to direct it, which is, uh, it's hard because if you're a first time director, they, you know, they're nervous because they, they want to make sure that, uh, you know what you're doing.

[00:24:03] Okay. Sounds interesting. Okay.

[00:24:07] Josh: That actually does sound interesting.

[00:24:09] I would like to see this movie made,

[00:24:12] Frey: So they, um, like for 15 years, I they almost like continually, almost got it made. And then the closest I came, I think was like 2010. and they got the secured, like a $7 million budget. And Eric Johnson, who is, I think is mark Campbell's cousin. Um, his, his screenwriting partner, I think his name's Paul Tomasi.

[00:24:30] They wrote that movie, the fighter or the David O. Russell movie with Christian bale. Um, and

[00:24:35] Brad probably right around that time. And, uh, so it, it came pretty close. I don't know what, how it kind of got derailed ultimately, but, I feel like that, like, I think maybe because that's right after the Watchman movie came out, um, so maybe that they figured something kind of

[00:24:51] like with somewhat similar themes, what might be worth making.

[00:24:54] Josh: Yeah, because I was going to say, like, it does seem like a really, um, like a deconstruction of that, like superhero, form, like what are the real ramifications, if that actually happened? If like a guy actually tried to do this, how would that actually play out and intersect in our real world? Uh, which is an interesting idea. I mean, it's cool.

[00:25:15] Tim: Yeah. I just like the fact that he says to a 12 year old, you know, like those shows like hard copy, like

[00:25:21] you've ever seen hard

[00:25:23] Sam: with the 12 year old demographic.

[00:25:24] Tim: Yeah.

[00:25:26] Sam: big.

[00:25:28] Josh: I mean, once again, and I have a feeling that I'm going to be saying this again, and

[00:25:31] again, I'm really impressed that he's not, he's not treating us like kids.

[00:25:36] Tim: Yeah. But do you think some part of it is like, this is the 60th time he's been interviewed and he's like, he's just like running the, like, he's

[00:25:42] just like gotten into the groove as to how to talk about the black Pearl and how to talk about when commander.

[00:25:47] Josh: I mean probably,

[00:25:48] Tim: I mean, not to say that he didn't respect you guys as journalists.

[00:25:54] Frey: I think I really liked that. Where you get a playing video games question. That's the one you never got before.

[00:25:58] Tim: Yeah. Threw him for a loop.

[00:26:01] Frey: Perfect.

[00:26:02] Josh: Okay. play this next clip.

[00:26:04] MARK HAMILL: Um, who was the artist for your comic and what other projects has he or she worked on? He is a guy by the name of, uh, their initials. H M baker B a K E R. And he, the most well-known book he's done is a book called ghost from dark horse. And he lives in a, of all places. He lives in Bosnia, Herzegovina. And so that's been difficult, uh, because it's, you know, it's not like a, you know, if, if you guys were doing the art work, I could at least call you guys up on the phone and, and, and say, Hey, what about panel three on page seven, outcome means doing that and we could talk about it, but, uh, there's a language difference.

[00:26:51] And he's so far away that it's difficult to, to communicate, but he's doing an excellent job. I mean, he's really, really good. And we're real happy with the art.

[00:27:03] Josh: Interesting. I have a feeling that, that I was just like, okay, what else can we ask them? why don't we ask him about who did the artwork? Because I can't imagine that I was that curious about the artwork, right?

[00:27:16] Tim: Is this all filler before you get to the good

[00:27:18] Sam: Yeah.

[00:27:18] Josh: No. Yeah, no, I think that's exactly what this is. It's like, I want to get them comfortable. I want to, I want him to get all his stuff out

[00:27:25] Sam: I think what we were brainstorming questions. Like we, we, want it to like, have like maximum, like half the questions about star wars. I think we had like some kind of thing like that, that

[00:27:34] we were thinking had this like random question.

[00:27:40] Josh: so you're saying, because we wanted it to be like half non star wars. So we needed like, squeeze that, one more question in there and

[00:27:47] Sam: I think so.

[00:27:49] Josh: oh, that seems highly plausible

[00:27:51] Frey: Like what can you ask about a comic book? Artwork!

[00:27:56] Josh: Yeah. I think, I think, you're right. I think that's exactly. Okay. Let's play this next

[00:28:02] Frey: Excellent.

[00:28:02] MARK HAMILL: Have you spoken with George Lucas recently? And if so, can you tell us anything about the new movies? I

[00:28:09] spoke to George when I laughed, when I was doing village of the dam. So that was about around Halloween of 1994. He's uh, he just told me that he's going to write all three of the new star wars in a row, and that he's going to be, you know, uh, very busy for the next year.

[00:28:29] So, uh, uh, I really like see him when I can, but you know, he's gotta be one of the most busy people on the planet.

[00:28:41] Tim: I can tell that one was Sam because of his disinterested. Okay. At the end.

[00:28:46] Sam: My classic sign off. Okay. Wrapping up.

[00:28:49] Frey: whatever dude.

[00:28:50] with George Lucas involved in village of the damned,

[00:28:54] Josh: I don't think so. Maybe, maybe ILM was, are there like special effects in that

[00:28:59] Frey: Is that

[00:29:00] what led some credence to a pick I made in an upcoming episode

[00:29:06] Josh: oh, because that was a John Carpenter directed film, right?

[00:29:08] Frey: Yes.

[00:29:09] Josh: Yeah. I don't know.

[00:29:10] Tim: Maybe you just want him to hang out on the

[00:29:12] Frey: Yeah.

[00:29:14] Josh: Sorry guys. I don't know if I played this one already or not.

[00:29:17] MARK HAMILL: Okay. Um, let me see. Um, um, does it bother you to be caught, stuck with the character of Luke Skywalker? Well, you know, I never really felt stuck with it. And also I felt that in each of the movies, he grew up and changed. So in the way I was playing the same person, but it was a person who was changing from a, a young farm boy to a Jedi Knight.

[00:29:43] So, uh, um, that it was, it was a challenge. And, uh, and, uh, you know, I'm really fond of the character and of the project. So, uh, um, no, I, I felt happy with it.

[00:30:00] Josh: Can't believe we asked him that

[00:30:04] Sam: We're pretty hard hitting.

[00:30:06] Frey: you said. Well, like I said, if like everybody's saying it.

[00:30:14] Josh: I can't believe we asked him that question.

[00:30:17] Sam: Yeah. He handled it pretty well. He sounded a

[00:30:20] little bit annoyed,

[00:30:20] Frey: Yeah.

[00:30:22] Josh: He did.

[00:30:23] Frey: So

[00:30:24] Sam: towards the end.

[00:30:25] Tim: yeah. I mean, it sounded like a, like a, almost defensive like, well, you know, I'm not stuck with the like,

[00:30:33] Sam: I'm not farm boy anymore,

[00:30:34] Frey: yeah,

[00:30:37] Josh: I'm like retroactively, very embarrassed. I can't believe we asked them that question. I mean, like, certainly in that, like, um, like, I dunno, like there it's like, I get the intention of the question, but surely there better ways to phrase it.

[00:30:53] Frey: yeah,

[00:30:54] Tim: no, I liked that way. That's the best way to do.

[00:30:56] Frey: probably, probably the perfect way.

[00:31:02] Josh: Okay. This whole thing was worth it. Just to play that clip. That was amazing. I can't believe, I

[00:31:09] can't believe that. Okay.

[00:31:10] Frey: We're done. We're done with the softballs mark

[00:31:15] Tim: We asked you about your little Tomic now let's get to the real stuff.

[00:31:21] Josh: tune today, tonight on a hard copy is mark Hamill stuck to Walgreens?

[00:31:26] Frey: Is he, quote, "stuck?"

[00:31:31] Josh: Oh man. Okay. kinda scared to play this next one now let's see. It seems like, it seems like now the gloves are coming.

[00:31:39] MARK HAMILL: Was memorabilia. Well, I used to get samples of the toys, but with, with having young children at the time, um, I couldn't keep them like a collector would, you know, up in a box or up on a shelf or something. Uh, uh, I, I couldn't help, but let the kids play with them all. So, uh, the tow, the collection I have is, uh, well used and, uh, you know, they gave princess Leia, Sinead O'Connor haircut, and, uh, you know, the, the pieces are all over the place.

[00:32:22] And, uh, I sort of realized that I wouldn't be able to be, uh, the kind of collector I am with other things. For instance, I collected a lot of Beatles memorabilia, but I try and keep that nice and in a box and, you know, You know, you try and preserve it in its original form as best you can. So, uh, I collect a lot, but not very many star wars things.

[00:32:47] Okay.

[00:32:49] Josh: Interesting. It was a more interesting answer than I was expecting.

[00:32:53] Tim: A little time capsule of the nineties, though,

[00:32:55] Josh: Exactly. That Sinead O'Connor reference like holy shit. It's like just specific time. It's such a specific moment in time when we did this.

[00:33:04] Sam: And that you expect a 12 year old to now. Machinate

[00:33:09] Josh: That's so funny. And I didn't realize he, he collected Beatles memorabilia. That's cool.

[00:33:15] Sam: yeah, it's cool. He gave such an in-depth answer, right?

[00:33:17] Josh: Yeah.

[00:33:18] Frey: Yeah. He actually collected, uh, comics at least at this time. Cause I just saw a YouTube video from like a 1996 video where he's talking about his extensive comic collection. I think you have like comics number 27, which is like the first time Batman appeared. So

[00:33:34] Josh: or were you doing research and preparation for, for this?

[00:33:39] Frey: yeah, just a little bit.

[00:33:41] Josh: I love it. It's great. It's

[00:33:42] Frey: I was trying to find like anything you did around the same time.

[00:33:44] Josh: That's amazing.

[00:33:46] Tim: just occurred to me with that, that very long answer. He gave you that earlier in this interview, he was saying that like, he doesn't have time to play wing commander cause he's really busy with this comic and all of a sudden this stuff. And I'm thinking, are you that busy? I mean, you're taking like a while to inter take this interview with 12 year olds, you know?

[00:34:03] Frey: It's going to be a wing commander at that point in time.

[00:34:08] Sam: I mean, maybe he thought we had much better reach than we obviously did. He thought this was well worth his time. So, you know, get the word out there.

[00:34:17] Tim: That would not be very smart with him.

[00:34:22] Frey: it does not have good instincts.

[00:34:27] Josh: Okay, here we go. Is this a you or me? I don't. I don't remember Sam.

[00:34:34] MARK HAMILL: let me see, um, what grade are you guys in? Uh, actually, uh, Sam's in fifth grade now in sixth grade. Sam's in fifth grade. And sixth grade, sixth grade. And this is for your school paper? Well, um, it's not, it's not really a school paper. It's just, um, it's an independent kid's newspaper that

[00:34:52] was started, uh, four years ago.

[00:34:54] Oh yeah. I'd love you guys to send a copy to me. It went, yeah, of course. Okay. Let me just see where I am now. Okay. Okay. When you watch a movie

[00:35:05] that you were in 10 or 20 years ago, what do you think about yourself?

[00:35:09] Isn't it. Well, this, that Matt, you know, I don't, I watch it when it first comes out, whether it's on television or in the movies. And I see it when it comes out and then I don't watch it again. So I haven't seen the movies, any of the star wars movies since the years, they first came out. Really? Yeah. Oh, I've never seen them on videotape.

[00:35:32] Okay.

[00:35:35] Josh: Lot to chew on in that one.

[00:35:37] Tim: I feel like you guys should be able to do, uh, relate to why you don't want to go back and listen to yourself from 20 years ago.

[00:35:45] Josh: Totally. 100%.

[00:35:47] Sam: spoiler. He, he never got a copy of this.

[00:35:51] Josh: yeah. yeah. I don't remember if we said this while I was recording or not, but this interview never saw publication cause I believe the

[00:35:58] paper,

[00:35:59] uh, folded,

[00:36:00] Sam: if I remember correctly though, you, you you really like you, you felt obligated. You wanted to like give him an explanation. But like the only way we had to communicate with him was through this address, he gave us. So you wrote him a letter explaining that the newspaper went bankrupt and that I think you like severely injured yourself,

[00:36:17] biking to the mailbox.

[00:36:20] Josh: my God. You're right. Yeah. I was riding my bike. Oh my God. Yeah. I totally forgotten about this. But as soon as you said it, it just like said a flood of memories coming back. So, so it was the day before the first day of school. So I was about to start seventh grade and I was riding my bike to the post office to mail this letter to mark Hamill.

[00:36:40] And there was like a truck that like blew a stop sign. and I swerved to not hit or be hit, I guess I should say, by the truck. I fell and I landed right on my shoulder and I still have the scar actually on my shoulder. Yeah. I still have a scar on my shoulder for when I was on my way to a male mark Hamill, a letter in 1996. Or six, I guess.

[00:37:04] Sam: And then I can't remember. Did you actually end up sending the letter or like, cause you were so

[00:37:08] Josh: I have no idea. I don't know.

[00:37:11] Sam: he might still be waiting.

[00:37:12] Frey: yeah, I like how this just turned into premium rush like that. Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

[00:37:19] Tim: And if you ever run into mark Hamill, you can explain. I was the guy who interviewed you. Also, you caused me to get hit by a car.

[00:37:27] Frey: It's very dramatic.

[00:37:28] Josh: Oh my God. Let's play this next clip.

[00:37:31] MARK HAMILL: Did you both were filming the Ted wind sequences in Tunisia or filming Tunisia, Tunisia or filming the hot secrets is in Norway. Uh, they were both difficult because of the weather. Um, in Tunisia, we were, that was the very first week of filming. And, uh, so it was so brand new and, and, and we were off in a strange land and, uh, I have such great memories of that.

[00:38:04] the Norway, it was so cold and, and hard to see.

[00:38:09] And you were, so you had to be so protected against the elements in getting your costume. Um, they were both enjoyable for different reasons, but, uh, I guess if I had to choose, I would choose the Hoff sequences and also I'm not hot, excuse me, the, the, the top to ween the desert sequences.

[00:38:31] And, uh, and partially because it was my home planet and it was the first time I worked with the robot and is as hot as it was. Um, it was like the beginning of a new adventure. By the time we were doing the Haas, um, you know, it was in the second movie and, and it had been a great big success. Now we

[00:38:51] were trying to make the second one as good as the first one.

[00:38:54] And, uh, um, my wife was pregnant with my first son. So, uh, You know, you're bringing back a lot of memories just right now. Okay. So, you know, I mean, it's people ask me, what's your, which is your favorite movie and of the three. And I really don't have one. I mean, it's like trying to pick who's your favorite child.

[00:39:16] You liked them all for different reasons.

[00:39:18] Frey: I like how he, uh, split the difference on the pronunciation of Tunisia. Like

[00:39:25] Tim: Yeah. I mean, Sam, how do you feel about Josh now?

[00:39:28] Sam: oh yeah, you embarrassed me in front of Mark Campbell.

[00:39:36] Tim: Brutal thing I've ever seen a kid do to another kid.

[00:39:40] Frey: you said, your name to. Who's talking

[00:39:49] Josh: Sandwich sandwich. Tunisia. You're embarrassing me in front of Luke Skywalker. That was, that was

[00:39:55] incredible.

[00:39:57] Sam: it's funny. I was, I was really waiting for that question because when I think that, that is the only question I remember us asking,

[00:40:03] um, because when, when, people ask, you know, I say interviewed mark Hamill when I was like 11 years old or whatever. And they always ask what we asked and I was like, that's the question?

[00:40:12] And they always wanna know the answer. It's like, well, he said Tata Wheaton, because that's his home planet is what I always remember from that, which I thought was a great answer for kids. But I didn't realize he went, yeah, he

[00:40:22] kept going into depth there too. Um, I also don't remember not knowing how to pronounce Tunisia that I blocked out of my bed.

[00:40:30] Josh: I apologize for jumping into correctly. That was unprofessional. That was unprofessional of me. no, but you're right. Uh, that was a good answer. He, he, again, I'm surprised. I'm not surprised. It's it's nice to hear. He's very thoughtful and not like a tidal wave and it's my home planet next.

[00:40:47] MARK HAMILL: Okay. What was it? Was it like, uh, working with Harrison Ford? Well, Harrison is just a wonderful actor and a great guy. And, uh, he's a lot of people would be

[00:41:01] surprised to know how funny he is. He's a very funny guy. He can make you laugh. And, uh, even though he's more serious when he's, you know, acting, but, um, I really, he was a great pal.

[00:41:15] He really was a great friend to me and, and I miss him. Okay.

[00:41:20] Josh: It's a sweet answer.

[00:41:23] Tim: Uh, he's talking about him. Like he's.

[00:41:25] Sam: Yeah, seriously.

[00:41:27] guess they don't hang out much.

[00:41:29] Frey: Maybe not in the mid nineties.

[00:41:31] Josh: at this time? He was probably shooting like with Wolfgang Peterson. He was shooting air force one probably,

[00:41:37] Frey: Oh yeah.

[00:41:40] Josh: um, or, uh, the devil's zone with Brad Pitt.

[00:41:44] Sam: So

[00:41:45] certainly someone that wasn't stuck as Han solo.

[00:41:50] Josh: Okay. Next question.

[00:41:52] MARK HAMILL: Are you working on any other projects right now? I'm doing a lot of animated voices. We're doing wing commander academy, which we'll come on the USA network in the fall, which is the story of Colonel Blair and all and maniac and tall when and everybody, but when they were just starting out at the wing commander academy, so I'm not a Colonel, I'm just a cadet and that'll be on the USA network.

[00:42:18] Like I say, in the fall, I'm also doing a three voices a week on a new series called Bruno and the kid with Bruce Willis. And I've gargoyle on, on hope, which is going to come on Sunday mornings pretty soon. And, uh, we're trying to, uh, to, uh, get a deal to make black Pearl as a film. And that's why the comic book is so important because if enough people buy the comic, it'll make it easier to get the movie made.

[00:42:54] Okay. That's why I hope all the kids reading this will at least. Uh, reading black Pearl to see if they like it. Okay.

[00:43:04] Josh: Any thoughts? Any thoughts on that one?

[00:43:07] Tim: I'm surprised black Pearl. Wasn't a bigger hit with the demographic you guys represent.

[00:43:13] Josh: Well, to be fair, we never published this interview.

[00:43:16] Tim: Right? I know

[00:43:17] Frey: Yeah,

[00:43:18] Josh: They were really counting on this, uh, publication as a part of their

[00:43:22] Frey: it was always meant for the kids.

[00:43:26] Josh: Oh, we

[00:43:28] MARK HAMILL: Um, I just heard that you're working on a movie version of black. Well, we, we, yeah, we want it. It's not a definite thing. Right? Like I say that, uh, the success of the comic book has a lot to do with whether or not we will be able to make it as a movie, but that's what our intention is. What we need is we need a producer, we need somebody that'll give us the money to make it.

[00:43:51] So, uh, hopefully if the comic book is a success, then we'll be able to make a film of the black Pearl, which I would like to direct. Okay. What are your plans for the future? Well, I'd like to continue riding and, um, uh, I would like to sort of try my hand at directing. I don't know whether I'll like it or not, but, uh, to me, the ultimate experience would be to write something that you eventually direct, because it would be your story.

[00:44:23] A lot of the times as an actor, you perform in these projects that you didn't write that you're not directing and. You know, um, it's, it's, it's a collaborative effort, everybody pitches in. And I just want to see if I can do, uh, do more than just act. Okay.

[00:44:43] Josh: it's a very thoughtful answer again.

[00:44:45] I know. I sound like a broken record,

[00:44:47] Sam: Did he ever direct any of that?

[00:44:49] Frey: directed one feature. It was called a comic book. The movie I'm like 2004, and I never saw it, but it's like a, kind of a mockumentary about a comic book writer.

[00:44:58] Josh: huh?

[00:44:59] That's

[00:44:59] Frey: Sorry, you play as the comic book creator.

[00:45:01] Josh: Okay. This is the last clip of this interview. Here we go.

[00:45:05] MARK HAMILL: are all of our questions. Broad. I just want to say one thing, a beautiful friend that really, really, really wanted to speak to you, but he couldn't be here. So, uh, could you just say, um, a little something other, or we could pass on to him? What's his name? what does he want to do? He doesn't know yet.

[00:45:28] Well, I'm sorry I missed him. You could tell him, I'm sorry. I missed him and that, uh, um, I'm, I'm, grateful that he wanted to talk to me. You know what I mean? I need, uh, I'd seen the thing is people gotta understand you people, you, you, people out there that, that go to the movies or watch television or read comic books.

[00:45:52] Uh you're. You're the ones that make our careers. I mean, if it weren't for you, we wouldn't work at all. So w we're uh, I know I'm really grateful to, uh, I I can call, I can say the word fan because I'm a fan too, but, uh, we're, we're we're I at least am very, uh, aware of the audience and really thankful. That, uh, they give us the chance to work like they do.

[00:46:20] So I would say to

[00:46:22] a, all of you to continue on and, uh, uh, I don't know. I mean, black Pearl is really it's for like older people. It's not really for kids, but I mean, talking to you guys, um, you don't sound like kids to me, he sounded like young adults. Okay. Uh, well thank you very much. And, uh, we'll send you a, um, a copy of the paper.

[00:46:49] Thank you. And, uh, and that's it. And, and, uh, uh, sandwiches, uh, just almost to say goodbye. Okay. Thanks, Josh. Okay. Bye-bye okay. Thank you very much for letting us interview you and okay. Goodbye. Bye. Okay, bye.

[00:47:09] Josh: What a sweetheart? What a sweet man.

[00:47:12] Tim: Wait. So is, is the Jonathan he's referring to the same Jonathan who couldn't be here with the recording

[00:47:17] today.

[00:47:18] Sam: Yeah.

[00:47:18] Josh: no, it's not the same one, but for purpose of this interview of this episode, let's say yes.

[00:47:26] Frey: You want to give me something to work with? Jonathan? Nah.

[00:47:30] Josh: No,

[00:47:31] Tim: he hears the hesitancy in your voice too, when you're like, so what does Jonathan want to do? And you're like, uh,

[00:47:37] Sam: We have no idea.

[00:47:40] Josh: And I couldn't help, but really laugh when he's like, I mean, you, uh, you guys don't sound like kids to me. I'm like, we absolutely fucking do. I mean, I mean, I don't know. I mean, I don't know if we thought we did at the time or not, but, but I'm listening to it right now and yes, we absolutely sounded like absolute children.

[00:47:57] Tim: I mean, you heard the way Sam pronounced Tunisia.

[00:48:03] Josh: No, but seriously, like, I mean that, I mean, once again, I feel like we were trying to squeeze as much out of this interview as we possibly could. And like, we're like, Hey, could you, give us a message for our friend And like, he spun it into a really lovely sign-off

[00:48:18] Frey: Yeah,

[00:48:19] Sam: Yeah.

[00:48:19] Josh: like how it's all about us

[00:48:21] Frey: I've got

[00:48:21] About the G all the Jonathan's through the world.

[00:48:24] Sam: so I'm S I'm still good friends with Jay. It's weird that we call them Jonathan. It usually goes by John. I'm still good friends with him. So now that we have this recording, I'll have to send this along. I'm sure we never fully delivered this message

[00:48:35] before.

[00:48:36] Josh: guess, well, I mean, actually I have no idea. Maybe we did. I don't know. Yeah. So, any, uh, any takeaways or observations, closing thoughts from this, uh, this interview that was locked in the vault for?

[00:48:48] Frey: Mark Campbell is definitely very sweet and he gave you more time than like he would, if he was on like like tonight show or something, like you said, it was

[00:48:55] like

[00:48:55] 20 minutes.

[00:48:56] Josh: in totality was about 20 minutes. Yeah. It was just really lovely of him to agree to do

[00:49:02] this, to begin with. I mean, I think I explained the story at the beginning, but like we just showed up to a public appearance. He was making and I guess we're like, can we interview you?

[00:49:12] And he, I believe gave me the contact info for his agent. And like, he didn't have to do that.

[00:49:20] Tim: the thing I keep thinking about is that he's just put out black Pearl, which is this kind of scathing look at journalism and media and the interaction between the two. And so like, he's probably at a point in his life where he maybe doesn't have such a positive opinion of journalists and the people who's doing these

[00:49:38] interviews with.

[00:49:38] And he gets to do an interview with two twelve-year-olds who were just like pure at heart.

[00:49:43] Frey: Yeah, that's

[00:49:43] true.

[00:49:44] Josh: that's a really good point

[00:49:46] Tim: He must've really loved the like excitement of just like you guys don't know. You don't have ulterior motives. There's no. Gotcha. Journalism. You guys can't pronounce Tunisia, you know?

[00:49:56] Josh: no, I think you're onto something there. I mean, I've always kind of

[00:49:59] thought of this in my memory. It's like,

[00:50:01] he was like doing something nice for a couple of kids. but

[00:50:05] yeah,

[00:50:05] the flip side of it is that, you know, It must have been on some level kind of fun or refreshing for him to have this interaction with a couple of kids who were just like, I mean, like you say, like just, um, not cynical and, totally there for the love of him and his work.

[00:50:24] I mean, that's, I mean, that's something I never really thought of,

[00:50:27] Sam: Yeah. And I mean, my modern day, mark Hamill now has kind of a brand is like a nice guy on Twitter. Right? So like it's, it

[00:50:34] seems to go pretty deep.

[00:50:36] Josh: your rights and like, he, definitely, he seems,

[00:50:39] very gracious in terms of fan engagement and engaging with, people on Twitter. And it just seems like, I think he said, I think, I think it was him.

[00:50:48] something to the effect of, I read him say somewhere, it's like, you know, when you realize that you have the power to like, make somebody's day, Just by showing up that's a really, You know, incredible power to have, threw like a small amount of effort on his part.

[00:51:05] He's able to maybe, give

[00:51:07] someone an

[00:51:07] experience that they're going to remember for the rest of their lives. and that's actually kind of cool and it's a

[00:51:13] responsibility as well.

[00:51:14] Frey: I vaguely, I think you're right. Yeah. I feel like I've heard about attributed or something like that attributed home. but before he was a nice man on Twitter, he was a nice man who was almost in a children's newspaper, but not quite.

[00:51:26] Josh: Sam, I know that both of you and I approached this with some trepidation about listening to our 12 year old self. How do you feel now that we've, that we've listened to it. Are you glad we did it?

[00:51:35] Sam: Yeah. I mean, I needed to listen to this at some point, cause it's definitely a story I tell, uh, from time to time. Uh, and it's a little bit different than I remember it. Uh, you know, it's, it's still, you know, mortified in all sorts of ways, but uh, it's, you know, it's also yeah, really sweet and . Really nice.

[00:51:53] Uh,

[00:51:54] so Yeah.

[00:51:56] I th I think we did it w we did an okay job. We were definitely kids though. Uh, he was very wrong about that.

[00:52:02] Josh: Uh, Mr. Hamill, if you're listening. you were very wrong to treat us like adults and to mislead us into thinking that we were more mature than we are. Um, well, anyway, I want to thank mark Hamill, our

[00:52:13] guest, mark Hamill for, um, a lovely interview.

[00:52:16] and Sam, thank you so much for, for being game to do this.

[00:52:19] I wasn't sure if you would have any interest. I'm so glad you did, because this is a lot of fun. It was a lot of fun.

[00:52:25] Sam: This is pretty hilarious.

[00:52:26] Josh: No, it's great. And thank you, Tim. I hope you enjoyed

[00:52:32] listening to this. What are your feelings? uh, was

[00:52:35] Frey: oh fuck.

[00:52:36] Josh: it would be, or is this surprising to you?

[00:52:38] Tim: I'm surprised that Sam was at any point a child.

[00:52:45] Josh: thank you for joining us, Tim. And thank you, Sam and a fry, any closing thoughts.

[00:52:51] Frey: two were two little cuties at the time.

[00:52:55] Josh: And on that note, if you liked what you heard, please visit us at trashconpod.com, where you can rate and review the show and follow trashcompod across all social media. And we will see you on the next one.



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