Oct. 10, 2022

ROGUE ONE '77: What if Rogue One was made in the 70s?

ROGUE ONE '77: What if Rogue One was made in the 70s?

A Star Wars movie known for its dialog from a parallel universe

What would ROGUE ONE have been like it was made right before (or right after) the original STAR WARS in 1977, just like the story itself? Who would have played Jyn Erso? Who would have played Cassian Andor? And who would have directed it? In the tradition of our PREQUELS 1986 episode, we have a blast pondering what may have happened in an alternate timeline. Short version: a pretty awesome flick with an amazing cast that's remembered fondly for its incredible dialog.

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[00:00:00] Josh: Welcome to Trash Compactor. I'm Josh and I'm joined today by Russ.

[00:00:06] Russ: Hi.

[00:00:07] Josh: Frey.

[00:00:09] Frey: Hello?

[00:00:10] Josh: sorry, I don't like how I introduce you. I want it with more enthusiasm Frey

[00:00:14] Frey: Hello.

[00:00:15] Josh: and Mickey. And today is another thought experiment in the vein of our Prequels 1986 episode in honor, of the debut of the Andor show where going back to Rogue One. And we're gonna imagine what if Rogue One was made just before the original Star Wars, just like its story happens right before the original Star Wars.

[00:00:37] So like 1976 or 77, kind of as a lead in, a set up for Star Wars: A New Hope, maybe even made cheaply as a TV movie that has overseas theatrical distribution. I don't know. We'll get into all that. And friend of the show and frequent guest, Jonny, wanted to be here with us, but he's currently starring in a stage production of The Crucible.

[00:00:57] But he was so excited by this week's topic that he sent me a full list of his casting picks like three minutes after I told him about the idea. So I'm gonna read those out so I'm gonna read those out for him. So, uh, so he'll be in spirit. So let's get started. well, so first of all, Grand Moff Tarkin, I think we're all in agreement he's still played by Peter Cushing because he's still alive.

[00:01:22] Mickey: He's still alive. He still the best.

[00:01:24] Frey: except in this version they layer 'em with a like CGI version of himself, even though they can't do CGI yet. Like it's just like on top of Tarkin.

[00:01:32] Josh: They rotoscope over him, yeah. So getting that out of the way, Cassian Andor debuts in this movie, but he's really more of a co-lead. The star of Rogue One is really Jyn Erso. So let's start with her. Who plays Jyn in the mid-70s? Mickey?

[00:01:47] Mickey: Okay. I just wanna say maybe this isn't a good thing to admit, you know, the one female role, but I definitely had the hardest time I think with Jyn.

[00:01:57] Josh: Really? For me was she was actually by far the easiest. So I don't know what I'm trying to say, I'm better than you? I don't know what that means, I don't know what I'm trying to say.

[00:02:07] Mickey: II had a thing where I felt like every good pick for that time period was actually cuz I, to me like Jyn is like young and that's point the point of the movie. Like definitely twenties, maybe early thirties. And I'm thinking the actors at the time -- boom -- I'm like, oh, they're actually in their forties. And you got your Sissy Spacek at that time who's like too young. Oh. So that would be an interesting twist if it actually was a child soldier at that point.

[00:02:32] Josh: So who did you end up with?

[00:02:34] Mickey: I kind of have two picks. I was thinking either Natasha Kinski, kind of rolling on a wave that I think some other people might think similarly cause someone related to her might be a good pick for another role.

[00:02:44] And I think that would be interesting. Or the wild card pick would be seeing what Shelly Duvall could do with the role.

[00:02:50] Frey: Oh, nice.

[00:02:51] Josh: Shelly Duvall, how old is Shelly Duvall at this point?

[00:02:54] Mickey: I looked it up and I feel like she was...

[00:02:56] Josh: Okay. Let's say for argument's sake, let's say this is shot in like '76, right. So she was born in '49. So she would've been 27.

[00:03:08] Frey: Yeah.

[00:03:09] Josh: Right?

[00:03:12] Mickey: That's math? Is that's how you do math?

[00:03:13] Josh: Yeah. That's math.

[00:03:14] Mickey: Yeah.

[00:03:14] Josh: Okay. I like your pick of Shelly Duvall.

[00:03:18] Mickey: And she might actually come up as a wild car pick for another character for me later, but we'll get to that.

[00:03:23] Josh: I actually kind of prefer Natasha Kinski because the thing about Jyn is that it's not just that she's young. It's also that she's like haunted a little bit, right? I don't know. So, I get that more from, well, I don't know. I guess Shelly Duvall, I don't know. we can talk this out.

[00:03:38] Frey who's your Jyn?

[00:03:42] Frey: Well, first of all, I was thinking, I don't think we're gonna do this character, but I just saw briefly for Jyn's mom I was thinking Shelly Duvall. Like that came to mind if we were gonna do that character.

[00:03:51] Josh: Oh, we should do that character. I don't know why.

[00:03:53] Frey: but she's only got like two minutes of screen time.

[00:03:56] Josh: No, Shelly Duval would be a good Jyn's mom, what is her name? Lyra. So who's your Jyn?

[00:04:02] Frey: I actually added few and I think I'm gonna go with Jenny Agutter -- I think that's what you pronounce her name.

[00:04:07] Josh: Ooh. Ooh. Yes. Good. Oh my God. Oh, oh. Oh.

[00:04:10] Russ: Again! The second time!

[00:04:14] Josh: Jenny Agutter is a good pick fresh off of Logan's Run.

[00:04:18] Frey: Yeah. And I feel like cuz she's kind of too kind of quiet and reserved, but also like kind of passionate and like a little bit edgy when like when she needs to be.

[00:04:28] Do you have any Russ? Do you have any backups?

[00:04:30] Russ: I do have backups because I was afraid this might happen.

[00:04:34] Frey: Okay. I'll I'll save anything -- I'll let everybody else go first before I say other ones.

[00:04:38] Russ: Dangerous.

[00:04:39] Josh: Russ, who's your who's your second choice for Jyn Erso?

[00:04:43] Russ: All right. So Jenny Agutter being my first choice coming off, you know, Logan's Run 1976 to be in the right time frame. My backup is kind of a fun choice and you could pick between the two because the Charlie's Angels can get the job done. So I'm going either Jacqueline Smith or Kate Jackson, would be mine, because I I'm thinking a lot of TV, like TV action is very, very prominent at the time.

[00:05:07] Like, you know, you want someone who can show the clandestine role and also I'm thinking Star Wars, you know, early Star Wars. And I'm thinking, you know, what were people like? What were people into? And the main line here is,sideburns and mustaches. So, you know, the lady's gotta be foxy and the guy's gotta have mustaches and sideburns and, you know, a little bit of shaggy hair.

[00:05:28] So I'm definitely thinking that Charlie's Angel. So, you know, I can go either way on that. They were my backups, but you know, if you want to go fun.

[00:05:35] Josh: Oh no, I like that. I like that.

[00:05:37] Mickey: Actually Lynda Carter would be a good choice then too. I didn't think about TV.

[00:05:40] Josh: Lynda Carter would be a good choice. Yeah. Because like I alluded to it in the opening, like in my...sort of this sort of counterfactual, I'm trying to figure out how this movie could have happened,\ given the proximity to the making of the actual Star Wars.

[00:05:55] So I'm assuming George Lucas wouldn't have made this himself. It was kind of like a cheapo thing that either like a friend of his would take on, like, maybe even as a TV movie that would be released theatrically, a movie of the week that would either debut before the film as sort of like a lead up.

[00:06:14] So it's not like the like grand spectacle, it's more of like the like gritty, lower budget, lower scale, men on a mission movie from the seventies, like a World War II sort of like a men on a mission movie.

[00:06:26] Frey: I was wondering if that was that something like that, or if like, this is just straight up before the first movie and the franchise, and like, it's not even a franchise at this point. Like if this would take the place of New Hope.

[00:06:39] Josh: Yeah. I mean it very well could. That's a part of the thought experiment.

[00:06:43] Frey: Because that would that would change everything forever. Cause that would be the beginnings of Star Wars. Like it would be this like kind of downer beginning, and then it just like when then New Hope comes after that. And it's just like, this is a totally different movie.

[00:06:54] Josh: Well, yeah, I mean, that's true. Like, I don't think -- well sort of it originated it it's like, Rogue One, the end of Rogue One is like, literally 20 minutes before A New Hope starts, right. So I was sort of having it in my mind as this hypothetical seventies production of Rogue One to act as a companion to the original Star Wars in a similar fashion.

[00:07:15] Frey: I think it still works. Cuz this movie always feels to me like it's somehow within the context of Star Wars, this feels like a historical movie. Like it feels like a, the equivalent of like a World War II, kind of like, uh, it's like this story of like this specific battle, like in world war II or something like that, that's never had like a movie made of it, but now we're

[00:07:35] like, everybody's kind of familiar with it. Um, but somehow like within this fictional universe, it's like one of those.

[00:07:42] Josh: Yeah, it's like this, like, you know, small, I mean, in the context of Star Wars, it's like, you know, one line in the opening crawl sort of exploded into an entire two hour feature. It's sort of like, well, let's like really zero in on this one little thing. Make a whole meal out of it, but I digress, um, my Jyn Erso so for, , the seventies Rogue One is Jane Fonda. I'm thinking like Klute mullet haircut, Jane Fonda,

[00:08:06] Russ: Yep. Yep. I see it.

[00:08:09] Josh: But then I had a better idea Pam Greer.

[00:08:11] Russ: Ooh.

[00:08:12] Frey: nice.

[00:08:13] Mickey: Yeah,

[00:08:14] Russ: Yeah.

[00:08:14] Josh: know.

[00:08:14] Russ: I like

[00:08:15] Mickey: I think, I think that's the best choice.

[00:08:16] Frey: Yeah.

[00:08:17] Josh: What were some of your backups? I'm

[00:08:19] Frey: Um, a well, Charlotte rambling, cause especially when you said described her as haunted, that's like she, that I, you most made me switch to like my first choice for that one. The only thing is that, like, even though she was, I think about the same age, that Felicity Jones, like when, when she made the movie, I think, I feel like she maybe at the time felt a little bit older, but like, um,

[00:08:40] Josh: she reads a little older. Yeah. No, but that's a, but that's an interesting choice though.

[00:08:45] Frey: Yeah.

[00:08:49] Josh: no, I like.

[00:08:50] Frey: And then for kind of similar to the reasons that Jenny Auter like, uh, Amy Irving, uh, from Carrie, uh, and Sigourney weave.

[00:09:02] Josh: Yeah. Yeah. Sor Weaver. Yeah. Sor Weaver. Um, I feel was also, she was also on my list. Um,

[00:09:12] Russ: That's

[00:09:12] Josh: yeah. It's yeah, it's a tough one. Like, I actually feel like I actually don't know who to, who to go with on this one for what it's worth, Jonny's pick was Susan Sarandon.

[00:09:23] Russ: Ooh,

[00:09:23] Frey: nice.

[00:09:23] Russ: Ooh, Yeah, I

[00:09:25] Frey: was, I was thinking that it went too. I didn't put it on my list, yeah, I like that one.

[00:09:28] Russ: Coming off the great Waldo pepper. Yeah.

[00:09:30] Josh: uh, someone else on my list was actually Helen Mirren.

[00:09:34] Russ: Ooh,

[00:09:35] Frey: oh,

[00:09:35] Mickey: yeah.

[00:09:37] Russ: I like this movie.

[00:09:38] Josh: So let's move on to Cassian Andor as, as stellar scars, guards pronounces it, , Russ, who's your Cassian Andor?

[00:09:47] Russ: Thank you for letting me go before Frey, because I don't know what he does, but

[00:09:51] Josh: that's exactly. That's exactly why I that's exactly why I, chose you.

[00:09:56] Russ: he, he's smiling. He's got eyeballs on my list. I don't know. Uh, so, so, so my, my top, I, I have a few top choice. I have a few backups. Um, the choice I think would be great, but probably not the most marketable. I mean, maybe, I don't know. Uh, John Cazale

[00:10:10] Josh: Oh shit.

[00:10:12] Russ: Yeah. so, so, so that's, that's my number one choice, because he would just, he would just draw you, like he would draw you in, it would be, so you see the conflict in him. Um, so my, my, my kind of throwaway was, uh, Roy Scheider, uh, because he's, he's in that, he's in that ballpark with those, um, with that team, uh, you know, uh, the Lucas/Spielberg connection, um, I thought that would be kind of cool.

[00:10:37] Um, and then kind of what I think the more practical solution, um, speaking of Sigourney Weaver, would be Tom Skerrit.

[00:10:43] Josh: Mm,

[00:10:43] Frey: Oh, yeah, it's good.

[00:10:45] Russ: I, I, I think, and, and now imagine they all have mustaches, like pretty, pretty wild mustaches, like all of them. So that that's like a, a must Roy Scheider would, would have it like, you know, glued on a little bit, I think, but, but, um, they they'd all have the requirement mustaches and some pretty intense side burns, uh, from all these guys.

[00:11:04] But I think, I think John Cazale would really like, I, I don't think he would've taken it, but, uh, Tom Skerrit might have,

[00:11:12] Josh: sorry, you just said a phrase. Well, first of all, I love that. Um, there was a phrase that you just said that is really lodged in my brain, uh, requirement mustache.

[00:11:22] I think I'm gonna name a band requirement mustache or something. um, uh, Mickey, who's your, Cassian Andor. Sorry, I can't, stop doing that. That, that, that still. And scars guard impression.

[00:11:35] Russ: Love it.

[00:11:36] Mickey: so, I mean kind of going back to like what Fri, I definitely took the, the assignment as this is a B movie, a TV made for TV movie. It was how I wanted to approach

[00:11:43] it. Um, for sure. Cuz how envision it, but I don't know, I'm not, I don't have that Tarantino-esque knowledge of those names of those guys.

[00:11:52] Josh: Like those, like those B and C listers who were acting in like the, yeah, no, I know. I wish we could have gotten, uh, Quentin on the show, but he, um, uh, he had a, he had a conflict

[00:12:03] Mickey: um, so my picks are like more mainstream, bigger actors, even at the time than I like, I would hope. Um, so I, I went and I, so I feel like this is kind of obvious, but I went with Pacino. as my main pick, I got a couple backup

[00:12:16] picks, but

[00:12:17] I would have to say just in terms of

[00:12:18] like,

[00:12:18] Josh: go wrong with Pacino.

[00:12:19] Mickey: you know, the swarthiness too, and like the kind of like, you know, like on-edgeness, like that's, to me, it's just Pacino.

[00:12:26] I like Cazale though. That's a good pick too, but I might have him for something else coming up.

[00:12:29] Josh: Oh

[00:12:29] Russ: Ooh. Ooh,

[00:12:31] Frey: I also might have

[00:12:32] most of something else coming up.

[00:12:36] Josh: Frey, who's your Cassian Andor?

[00:12:38] Russ: Don't about

[00:12:39] Frey: um, I'm gonna go with Martin Sheen. But he's gotta, have you ever see the movie, the little girl who lives down the lane? with Jody foster, he's gotta have the hair that he has in that. That's the hair that he must have. It's like a floppy hair.

[00:12:50] Russ: And he has a real darkness to that character.

[00:12:52] Josh: he, I think is he, I think is, possibly the perfect one for this. So, so that was also actually, Jon's choice for, Cassian Andor as well.

[00:13:02] Russ: Ooh. You know, it's right. If two people both pick it. It's

[00:13:06] Frey: And one of the, and one of them is Jon Hansen.

[00:13:09] Josh: Right. um, so, so I'm not following the rules. Like I just have a whole bunch of names and I can't choose. But, my first thought was, Edward James Olmos

[00:13:17] Russ: ooh.

[00:13:18] Frey: I

[00:13:19] Mickey: All right.

[00:13:19] Russ: Ooh.

[00:13:20] Mickey: I'm trying to think what he was doing at that time and what he looked like, but I, I can see it.

[00:13:23] Frey: He was just, he was, I think he did. Uh, cause I took a look at, it was like, uh, TV, which actually would work out pretty well.

[00:13:29] Mickey: Oh yeah.

[00:13:30] Josh: Yeah. And then I was also thinking, um, , Fred Williamson, like as soon as I thought of, Pam Greer, I was thinking blacksploitation and then I was like Fred Williamson.

[00:13:40] Mickey: Yeah.

[00:13:41] Josh: and then, , my more, , mainstream one, Harvey Keitel.

[00:13:44] Russ: Mm.

[00:13:45] Frey: oh, nice.

[00:13:46] Russ: Mm

[00:13:47] Mickey: for me, like with Pacino, he was the other, you know, in there too. My other backup with Keith Carradine too, is like, that was trying to find

[00:13:54] someone a little bit more

[00:13:54] Josh: He's he comes up, he comes up in mine. He, a lot of the charades are actually we all over

[00:14:00] Russ: mine too.

[00:14:02] Mickey: Right.

[00:14:04] Russ: uh,

[00:14:04] Mickey: Thought I thought like, cuz I feel like this name is definitely gonna come up for, for another character, with a lot of us. But I, I feel like Yaphet Kotto, you know, like going from, I think we'll all know what it is, the obvious coming up, but like, well what if we, I mean, but what if we think about him for the, you know, the, the Cassian role too?

[00:14:19] I think he would've, would've been a good

[00:14:20] Josh: he could have done it for sure. Yeah. I mean, he was great in everything, so, but yes. okay. Let's move on to Krennic. Frey, who's your Krennic?

[00:14:28] Frey: You know what I'm gonna go with. I have like several, I'm gonna go with, uh, Scott Wilson from In Cold Blood. He played like Herschel on walking dead. Um, he's in this movie called the ninth configuration. Um,

[00:14:41] Just cuz he's got very sad, uh, kind of gentle eyes. And I think that would be like a interesting kind of juxtaposition to have the guy who's like a like sociopath, um, just kind of look like Scott Wilson, just kind of he'll snap in the back with like his sad eyes.

[00:15:00] Josh: Russ, who's your Krennic?

[00:15:02] Russ: Uh, so it was kind of a tie for me. Uh, I was thinking, um, first, like coming off space, 1999 is thinking Martin Landau would be my

[00:15:11] Krennic,

[00:15:12] Josh: that

[00:15:13] Russ: uh, like

[00:15:13] I,

[00:15:13] Josh: is a good pick. That is a

[00:15:15] Frey: is a good

[00:15:15] one.

[00:15:17] Russ: I, think he's my top runner. Uh, my backup was James Mason, but I want Martin Landau.

[00:15:24] Josh: no,

[00:15:25] Russ: yeah, I, I see Martin Lando as like, he

[00:15:28] has that imposing character and the intensity. I don't, I, I see every he's he is got it. Like for me,

[00:15:34] Josh: the reason why I like Martin Landow, the tricky thing about the Krennic character is that he's a bad guy, but he ultimately is. He loses to Tarkin He's intimidated by Vader, which, so when those two aren't around, he's, the bad guy, but then you start to see he's got like a chip on his shoulder, or like an internal weakness, or like, there's like something where he's not quite as like granite as either Tarkin or Vader.

[00:15:59] So that's why I like Landow especially off of, you know, mission impossible, like he can do,

[00:16:04] he's got the range. Like he can do those like subtle changes. So, I think that's a great, choice. Uh, Mickey who's your Krennic?

[00:16:12] Mickey: I got one pick only one pick didn't bother thinking of backups. Don't

[00:16:15] even have to look my thing. This, This, would be a dream thing. This would be like, if I was producing, I would like go to war for it, and it would be John Cassavetes.

[00:16:21] Josh: John Cassavetes is on my list as.

[00:16:23] Russ: yeah, that's a great choice.

[00:16:25] Josh: yeah, because like, you know, Cave's was always like the one for me, one for them, he he'll do anything. I mean, not anything, but like he would do something like this for the paycheck. So he could, keep funding, I guess, , this time, what, Uh, killing of a Chinese Bookie, like they had to stop production

[00:16:41] Mickey: Right.

[00:16:42] Josh: I said he could write, like, that's an interesting choice.

[00:16:45] Mickey: and he plays such great bad

[00:16:46] guys. the movies, the movies, the accent he's, he's like more often than not a bad guy. And he's so good

[00:16:50] at

[00:16:51] Josh: exactly he is. Brass Target reminds me of like the kind of movie that Rogue One 77 would sort of, be in the mold of, and he plays, an army officer in that, who's like,

[00:17:03] Mickey: Of course Dirty Dozen

[00:17:04] too,

[00:17:04] Josh: yes. Right.

[00:17:05] Mickey: where he's a psychopath.

[00:17:06] Russ: At at the time it was, uh, Mikey and Nicky, um, in 76 orTwo Minute Warning.

[00:17:12] Josh: Yeah. So, soTwo Minute Warning, I think was a one for them thing.

[00:17:15] Mickey: And he didn't direct Mikey and

[00:17:17] Nikki as

[00:17:18] Russ: that was Elaine

[00:17:18] may. yeah,

[00:17:19] Josh: yeah, so that was, um, not a one for them. I think that one was a one for Elaine, but, uh, Two Minute Warning was, , definitely a one for them. Like who's the other, co-lead in, ,Two Minute Warning.

[00:17:30] I think it's someone very right wing that he wouldn't have gotten along with, at least in my imagination of it.

[00:17:35] Russ: Uh, Charlton Heston.

[00:17:37] Josh: Yeah. He wouldn't have got he,

[00:17:38] Russ: Yeah.

[00:17:39] Josh: he, he, he and Chuck, he and Chuck, I don't think would've gotten on, but, um, okay. I actually have, , several for this, um, Roddy McDowell.

[00:17:49] Russ: Ooh. Ooh. All right.

[00:17:52] Josh: Telly Savalas.

[00:17:53] Russ: Ooh.

[00:17:54] Frey: Oh, wow.

[00:17:55] Russ: Ooh. I like Telly Savalas.

[00:17:57] Josh: but here's, I think possibly my favorite Anthony Perkins,

[00:18:01] Russ: Ooh,

[00:18:02] Frey: Oh, nice.

[00:18:03] Mickey: Whoa, what?

[00:18:04] Russ: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

[00:18:06] Josh: who at this point in his career would do something like this

[00:18:10] and has that, like he can be frightening.

[00:18:13] Frey: Or frightened.

[00:18:14] Josh: frightening or

[00:18:16] Russ: or slightly or scared. Charming is how I describe it.

[00:18:19] Frey: yeah.

[00:18:20] Josh: Which, which, Ben Mendelson in the first scene between him and Gaylan or. Galen Erso. I I said, Erso the pasta or rice. It's never been made clear to me, but, but Galen Erso that, first scene, , between the two of them and that like preamble, he is that like, frightening, charming or that like menacing charming. So, so I was trying to think of someone who could do that, but could also seem scared, and pathetic,

[00:18:45] Frey: Yeah. As soon as you said that name, I like, see the image. I just saw like the image of him, like immediately

[00:18:50] in that

[00:18:50] Russ: see him in that white suit. You know,

[00:18:52] Josh: Yeah. Yeah. and then I was also thinking, Gene Hackman, like, just because of, of Superman,

[00:18:57] Russ: why the hell not? He's

[00:18:58] Frey: yeah.

[00:19:00] Russ: watch him do anything.

[00:19:01] Josh: Jon's , pick for Krennic was Oliver Reed. Which I

[00:19:06] think is, which I think is great, but he seems a little,

[00:19:09] Mickey: Old.

[00:19:10] Josh: not necessarily old, but he seems like,

[00:19:12] Frey: Substantial.

[00:19:14] Josh: he's ever played that's like that you would ever for a moment think was, pathetic.

[00:19:20] I just don't see Oliver Reed ever, ever taking any shit from anybody. but I mean, I mean, I don't know, he's an amazing actor, so I'm sure

[00:19:29] Russ: The, you know, there's moments in The Devils where I feel like you see a little bit of that. So I, I think Oliver Reed works. Yeah.

[00:19:37] Frey: Can I throw out another one,

[00:19:39] Russ: Ooh.

[00:19:39] Frey: uh, Warren oats who's, uh, in a lot of Peck and paw movies. He's like the, uh, I think like drill Sergeant in Stripes. Um, I just mainly because he has, like, he has like similar, uh, mouth energy to Ben Mendelson. very, like, he's got that. Like, he's like a lot, but

[00:19:54] Mickey: Yeah.

[00:19:55] Frey: He, he played Dillinger in a John Milius movie and like, uh, so I imagine like behind the

[00:19:59] scenes, like.

[00:20:00] Josh: have you seen the, Milius

[00:20:02] Frey: No I've only seen the

[00:20:03] trailer.

[00:20:03] Josh: good?

[00:20:04] Frey: Is it good?

[00:20:05] Josh: it's it's good.

[00:20:06] Frey: I'm gonna check that out.

[00:20:08] Russ: O kind of has like a perma-frown. I love it.

[00:20:10] Frey: Yeah. Yeah.

[00:20:12] Russ: Yeah.

[00:20:12] Josh: well,

[00:20:13] Mickey: and that remind that makes me think maybe Ned Beatty too.

[00:20:16] Um, in terms of being both able to be like and powerful in one moment and then sniffling in like the next, you know, that range. Yeah. And then, and then Frey's pick also made me think of maybe John, like a young James Crowell.

[00:20:28] Frey: Oh yeah.

[00:20:29] Mickey: Definitely as a pick up, like it's a B movie and it wouldn't be someone who would be bigger at that

[00:20:33] Frey: Right.

[00:20:33] Josh: I have to confess, I really don't know what James Crowell was up to in the seven.

[00:20:37] Russ: That'll do

[00:20:38] pig.

[00:20:38] Frey: trying.

[00:20:39] Mickey: The, only thing I, I can really think of that I, I love is this Movie Called Murder by Death, which is like

[00:20:43] a spoof of like it's kind of like Clue, but better in my

[00:20:46] Josh: Yes. Oh no. Yeah. he is in Murder by Death. You're right.

[00:20:49] Frey: Another one is Richard Harris.

[00:20:51] Russ: Ooh,

[00:20:52] man.

[00:20:53] Frey: because have you ever seen the movie Orca?

[00:20:55] Like, he kind of like, kind of comes across as like a little like pitiful, like in that sometimes too. So, but like, you could play both ways, um, based on that movie.

[00:21:05] Josh: uh, Richard Burton

[00:21:07] Russ: ooh,

[00:21:08] Frey: Oh, nice.

[00:21:08] Russ: man, this rogue one would've rocked.

[00:21:12] Josh: Well, so that's just, we can only choose one though.

[00:21:16] Frey: Yeah. Or they they're play by different actor in every scene.

[00:21:20] Josh: yeah. so yeah, I think we have, Krennic pretty much covered. It seems like, that character has inspired us

[00:21:27] Russ: Landau, Landau, Landau.

[00:21:30] Sorry. Alright.

[00:21:36] Josh: Let's move on to Galen Erso played, by Mads Mikkelsen in the actual film. Mickey, who's your Galen Erso?

[00:21:43] Mickey: Um, I actually feel like there's a couple good picks here and kind of can be like, take the character in slightly different directions. Like I'm, I'm thinking like, especially with like when you cast something like with Mads, it's like, you're thinking of someone who is just on the approach, scary and cold seeming, but has like a real, like you have like deep inside a warmth, you know, and, and a, you know, can hold secrets.

[00:22:06] Um, so like to me that like, but then actually I didn't really take that into account. Like my pick is more just a, we're doing this because this is like the genre of the time. And so, and he has to be in this movie because he's in all those movies. So this is actually completely opposite of that. So I don't know why I said that, but, uh, I said Ernest Borgnine, just to get inner swine in there,

[00:22:26] he'd be just sweet.

[00:22:27] He'd just be a sweet dad. He wouldn't have that kind of like,

[00:22:29] Russ: Yeah,

[00:22:30] Mickey: you know, perfect approach, but that could be interesting too slightly

[00:22:32] Russ: but he could have a rage. He could have a rage about him if he needs

[00:22:35] Josh: Yeah.

[00:22:36] Mickey: That's true.

[00:22:37] Josh: so it's also interesting too, because, Like, I totally see that working it's a, it's a slightly different flavor of the character, but it's, it's totally valid.

[00:22:44] Mickey: but I'm just saying, if you're doing one of these movies, you need Ernest Borgnine in it, somewhere

[00:22:48] in my opinion.

[00:22:49] I have some backups too, but we can do that.

[00:22:51] Josh: okay. Russ, who's your Galen Erso.

[00:22:53] Russ: So this is where my Patrick McGoohan came in.

[00:22:56] Uh, I, yeah.

[00:22:59] Josh: Ooh, Patrick McGoohan.

[00:23:00] Russ: Yeah. It's Patrick McGoohan should be in every movie probably I

[00:23:05] Josh: No, he shouldn't because then he wouldn't be as, special and exciting when he shows up, it's like the Master in season. Nevermind. I'm not gonna do any Doctor Who references in this episode.

[00:23:15] Russ: but yeah, Patrick McGoohan. My backup, uh, early on, um, was, was Leonard Nimoyy actually,

[00:23:20] um,

[00:23:21] Josh: That's good.

[00:23:22] Mickey: Oh,

[00:23:22] Russ: yeah, I,

[00:23:23] Mickey: yeah,

[00:23:24] Josh: good.

[00:23:24] Russ: was thinking like, okay, uh, uh, you know, uh, coming off Star Trek, like kind of, kind of in that, that middle period.

[00:23:31] Josh: No. And he was in, he was in the Philip Kaufman Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Like

[00:23:35] Russ: yeah.

[00:23:35] Josh: He's a good choice though, you might get, him and land out mixed up. Uh, but that that's,

[00:23:41] uh, but that's actually that would actually kind of work though. because like the two of them are supposed to be

[00:23:47] Russ: playing these kind of father. Yeah.

[00:23:50] Josh: Hmm, no, I like that. I like that surpri that left field, uh, Leonard Nimoy.

[00:23:55] Russ: And he has such a, I think he gets to have such like, kind of a calming wisdom, a sweetness. And we've kind of seen that, you know, in, in the spa character, this kind of a subtlety, but, but when he brings in more humanity, he he's just a charming, a charming, intelligent kind of, kind of character player like that.

[00:24:10] Perfect.

[00:24:11] Josh: Well, the interesting thing about Galen Erso is that the inspiration for his character, he's really Robert Oppenheimer. So it's like, someone that can simultaneously be sort of, loving and, you feel sympathy for, but at the same time has like a monstrous intellect and is, you know, responsible for the worst excess of like, scientific rationality. I don't know, uh, Frey who's your Erso?

[00:24:42] Frey: I'm gonna go with, uh, Jason Miller from Father Caris from The Exorcist. Just cuz it's kind of has that like extremely competent, but like semi defeated kind of vibe.

[00:24:52] Russ: Yes, he really has that.

[00:24:55] Josh: That's a good pick. That is,

[00:24:57] Russ: Man the freak can playbook unexpected

[00:25:02] Josh: Mine was John Cassavetes.

[00:25:04] Russ: mm

[00:25:05] Josh: Just because I think we all on some level want John Cassavetes to be our dad, but, then I thought, Robert Duvall?

[00:25:12] Russ: Ooh.

[00:25:13] Frey: Oh, nice.

[00:25:14] Russ: Hmm.

[00:25:14] Josh: you have, the THX 1138, , connection.

[00:25:17] Russ: He's

[00:25:17] right in there.

[00:25:18] Josh: And like he's someone who you could see, in a tough spot. Like you could see him, being very loving toward his daughter, but also someone who can, do the hard things or whatever, so I don't know, but those are my picks, but I like, um, Leonard Nimoy and, uh, Russ who was your first.

[00:25:35] Russ: I don't know. I

[00:25:36] I could,

[00:25:36] Josh: done like, like Vincent Price, like left to his own devices could also , I'm just outta sheer curiosity. Would've liked to see him play Krennic as well. Like I just,

[00:25:47] Frey: Yeah,

[00:25:47] Russ: Yeah,

[00:25:48] Uh, Patrick McGowen.

[00:25:50] Josh: Oh yeah. I'm gonna go and

[00:25:50] Russ: I did have a third and it was just in case and it was Vincent Price. I don't know why I felt like he might, he might grab the roll and just Vincent Price it.

[00:25:58] Frey: I,

[00:25:59] Russ: he, he, has that, that, that range.

[00:26:01] Frey: Lee van Cleef just because,

[00:26:04] Russ: Ooh.

[00:26:05] Frey: uh,

[00:26:05] Josh: end. Ooh.

[00:26:06] Frey: of thing. Like I just kind of see to see somebody who usually plays like a like villains kind of play a villain role.

[00:26:12] Josh: or what about, Lee, Marvin?

[00:26:14] Frey: Oh

[00:26:14] Russ: sh that. Don't talk about him yet.

[00:26:17] Josh: Okay, sorry. Sorry. Okay.

[00:26:20] Um, I will enter it into the record that, Jonny's pick for Paul Newman.

[00:26:25] Russ: Ooh. Yeah.

[00:26:26] Josh: don't think you would've done this though.

[00:26:28] Russ: No, but it's great. It's a great choice.

[00:26:31] Josh: yeah,

[00:26:31] Frey: I didn't

[00:26:32] go with it, but I, there was a character. I was gonna give like Jeff Bridges. So like even knowing the same thing, it would be like, he wouldn't, at this point, he wouldn't do it, but I was like, I just wanna put there, I didn't go with that. But.

[00:26:41] Josh: well, so at the end I have a section of like, you know, random, pilots and Imperial officers, like for like, uh, people that we just wanna see show up in the movie, like, um, uh, like one of my favorite, performances, my favorite actors and, favorite characters in the movie is actually, Blue Leader.

[00:26:58] Who's in it for like a minute. Like the guy, he just, he just looks like he should, he was there in 77 and like, he really, he really died like three days before the Battle of Yavin, he really seems like he was one of those guys. And then also like, there, a bunch of British, character actors who pop in and out like the guy, um, , who Cassian shoots in the beginning,

[00:27:19] Frey: Yeah.

[00:27:20] Josh: And then like one of the, the like squabbling, rebellion leaders in that scene, like when they're deciding if they should, like, if they should evacuate or if they should, whatever, it's like, so, so I feel like there are like, a lot of opportunities for just, you know, faces we would wanna see.

[00:27:35] so Jeff Bridges, I could definitely see as like a rebel pilot. who's just like happy to be there.

[00:27:45] Russ: Too handsome, probably.

[00:27:46] Frey: his character

[00:27:47] seems real '

[00:27:47] like hand

[00:27:47] Russ: Give em a mustache though. We'll see.

[00:27:51] Josh: He's in this, like it's not a drag racing movie. What is it? Um, when like you like you race, shitty cars and like crash them into each other, what is that called?

[00:28:02] Russ: uh, something Derby.

[00:28:03] Mickey: Yeah. Uh, Derby.

[00:28:04] Josh: he's, he's in a movie called, um, think it's called the last American hero.

[00:28:09] Frey: Oh,

[00:28:10] Mickey: Yeah.

[00:28:10] Josh: Yeah. Like he's just there because he likes to fly and shoot. Right. Like, like he's that, he's that, he's that kind guy. Um,

[00:28:18] Russ: Demolition Derby. That's what I was thinking

[00:28:20] Josh: yes. Uh, demolition Derby.

[00:28:21] Russ: why couldn't I think of

[00:28:23] Josh: Yeah.

[00:28:23] Russ: something Derby.

[00:28:25] Josh: do we wanna do SA Guerra next or cheer and Bayes? the du.

[00:28:30] Russ: Yeah, let's do those two. You guys.

[00:28:32] Josh: Okay. Chira and, and bays Mabu. I was kind of thinking maybe do them together, cuz they are kind of a double act and like who you cast as one affects who you pick as the other.

[00:28:41] I mean, at least for me,

[00:28:41] Frey: Yeah.

[00:28:42] Russ: I

[00:28:43] Mickey: Makes sense.

[00:28:43] Josh: Frey, who are your, Baze?

[00:28:47] Frey: Trying to find somebody who like, who was a martial artist, but I couldn't really find anybody good. or like that would make sense. so I I'm gonna go with like, Joe Morton, who wasn't he was acting by then. He's probably about like 30 years old. Um, just cuz like, I mean like the fighting part of it, like I think they would just have to find a way to kind of sell it, but like I could just see him as a blind, uh, monk, like, uh, character who is, uh, like kind endlessly devoted to like, the force.

[00:29:12] Um, I just like never losing that like faith, and, uh, for be I picked, uh, Jeffrey Lewis, Julie Lewis'. Father, um, cuz he is he's in like some Clint Eastwood movies, like Every Which Way but Loose. And he is like kind of just kind of a good bro. so I was kind of like, I went Morton first and hit, like I was trying to find somebody who would play

[00:29:31] off of him.

[00:29:31] Well,

[00:29:31] Russ: are deep

[00:29:32] cuts. I like it.

[00:29:33] Josh: Mickey, who's your Chirrut

[00:29:35] Baze?

[00:29:35] Mickey: So I have to say, I'm really disappointed that Jonny Hansen wasn't here, cuz I have a real crazy out of nowhere pick that he was a little bit for him. Um, but uh, basically like if we're thinking about these men on a mission movies, for chiru I'm I'm talking about is like, they always seem to like, or especially in the seventies, they're grabbing like some sports major sports athlete and you know, like Jim Brown and the Dirty Dozen, right.

[00:29:59] Jim brown, right. Yeah. And the Dirty Dozen. Um,

[00:30:02] Josh: like OJ

[00:30:03] Mickey: so I was like, think,

[00:30:05] yeah, yeah, So it's like, like I'm like, so someone had to be a sports star for me. And then I, I would say at the same time, I had the hardest time with these two characters. I mean, there's a tricky thing.

[00:30:14] When, when we're talking about these two, it's like, you don't, you don't wanna whitewash a character per se, but at the same time, it's fun because you could also pick a person of, you know, color or woman or whatever, the play, one of the, the white roles that was played. So I didn't try to like hold myself up by that, but I do feel bad.

[00:30:27] I also feel bad that I just don't know. I don't know the, the Shaw Brothers movies that well or any at the time to try to think of some, a martial artist, but at the time there was this guy and, you know, I mean, all of us here, you know, went to Binghamton and there's a local guy at Binghamton, had a dojo named Heidi Oche, um, who was like a, just an expert artist, um, including sword stuff.

[00:30:46] And he was actually in the seventies. He was on according to my dad. So I actually don't actually say if this is completely accurate, cuz this is just my dad telling stories. He was a bank native, um, said he was on Wide World of Sports all the time, including one of the things he would do on world war sports was he would put a watermelon on his wife's stomach.

[00:31:01] And then cut it in half with a sword, um, without cutting her at all. So I have this vision, I don't, I'm gonna give away the game already for if we're gonna do directors at the end, but like I have this idea where, um, Sam Peckinpah is hired at first to do it. He gets maybe like a quarter away before he gets fired.

[00:31:16] But I imagine he's like in pro he's in, pre-production trying to find someone he's drunken in his hotel room with a, and he watches wide rule of sports and here's this Heidi Ochi does his sword trick and he's just like, that's him. That's, that's fucking him. He shoots the TV and calls up like the producer and tells him who's a hire.

[00:31:33] So, so that's my, my pick for Chirrut and then for Baze, I'm thinking just, I think Bruno Ganz. I think it'd be trying to make it a little international

[00:31:41] Josh: Ooh, fuck. He's in this movie too, Fuck. This is a good movie.

[00:31:45] this

[00:31:46] Mickey: yeah.

[00:31:46] Josh: awesome movie.

[00:31:48] Russ: wow.

[00:31:48] Mickey: and John Rhys Davies too, would be a good pick for a good buddy,

[00:31:51] you know, in a

[00:31:52] Josh: That's true. so it turns out that Heidi Ochi, he does have an IMDB and he apparently appears uncredited in an episode of Kung Fu, which is the right, time

[00:32:00] period. so, and if there is indeed a, a David Carradine, which may, be somebody's, choice for one of these roles, I could very easily see. That happening, Russ, we are your picks for cheer and bays.

[00:32:13] Russ: all right. So I, I see this as, uh, you can, you can pick and choose who you want to play, what role, but I'll, I'll put the names out there. Uh, it's Richard Roundtree, and Charles Bronson, both

[00:32:24] Mustachio back to

[00:32:25] Josh: Yes. Okay. All right.

[00:32:27] Russ: like, we're Hey, we're we're putting a team together. Yeah. Yeah. I, I don't, I don't have to explain why or what they do or who plays, what character they could even trade.

[00:32:36] Who, which one's blind. It doesn't even matter.

[00:32:39] it that's, it, it it's just gonna be so good.

[00:32:42] Josh: so, so Jonny's, pick for bays was Charles Bronson

[00:32:46] Russ: Yeah, we're right.

[00:32:48] Josh: and his, chit was, Tatsuya Nakadi Who is an actor who was in Ran and he was in, a lot of Japanese films of which I'm not familiar, but, John is a, fan of Japanese cinema Most so that tracks, I'm gonna assume that that's a great choice.

[00:33:04] I don't, I don't quite have the firsthand knowledge, but, um, David Carradine for, for Shett

[00:33:11] Russ: Yep.

[00:33:12] Josh: and, Franco Nero, the original Django for the other one.

[00:33:16] Frey: Oh,

[00:33:17] Russ: I can see that.

[00:33:19] Josh: and then my never gonna happen option, but like, I kind of want to see it. If Cassavetes is involved in this movie in any capacity, he's gonna try and get his buddies work. So I'm thinking, uh, Peter F and Benza and Peter Fox's the blind one, obviously.

[00:33:33] Mickey: Yeah.

[00:33:33] Russ: is so good. Oh, both have mustaches.

[00:33:38] Josh: Yeah.

[00:33:39] Yes, yes. Everyone in this, everyone in this movie wall to wall mustaches, even Jyn has a mustache,

[00:33:44] Frey: I'll

[00:33:44] requirement mustaches

[00:33:46] Josh: all requirement mustaches I think that's what I should call those episode requirement mustaches. Um, okay. Let's move on to SA Guerra who's sort of the, uh, SHA guar of this universe. If the name didn't already imply, but, Frey. Who's your

[00:34:07] Frey: I'm not happy with anything I came up with, but, uh,

[00:34:11] Josh: Okay,

[00:34:11] good. Cuz I'm

[00:34:12] Frey: like di

[00:34:13] Russ: good. Finally, Finally,

[00:34:15] Frey: uh, I feel like it's a little bit problematic, but just like, uh, Dennis Hopper,

[00:34:19] um,

[00:34:20] Josh: okay. Okay.

[00:34:21] Russ: that's

[00:34:22] good. That's good.

[00:34:23] Josh: Actually.

[00:34:23] Frey: kind of the right

[00:34:24] Josh: no, that's good. yeah. That is kind of the right vibe.

[00:34:26] Russ: Don't second guess yourself ever. That's great.

[00:34:29] Josh: Russ, who's your SA Guerra.

[00:34:31] Russ: So, uh, you blew up my spot on Lee Marvin. So he he's my be my first choice, but I have a, he wouldn't do it probably ever, but maybe Marlon Brando.

[00:34:41] Josh: that occurred to me too. Yeah, because he's, he's the Colonel Kurtz.

[00:34:45] Russ: Yep. Yep. It it's right in the range when he might coming right off Last Tango. Like he, he

[00:34:50] might have

[00:34:51] Josh: and the thing about Brando is that you can never. predict what he would and wouldn't say yes to it's like, he may very well have said yes. Just to make somebody angry that he didn't like, right. Like he, he was that he was that sort of, capricious, like so I mean, yeah.

[00:35:07] I mean, let's call up Marlin. See if he's, if he's down for a day of shooting, like, I

[00:35:11] Russ: And, and co colo to pop over to direct just those scenes and, uh,

[00:35:16] Josh: Well, so there's an interesting subtext here as well. , that we'll get to, , when we talk about, , directors, I think that's gonna be a very interesting conversation, but, um, Mickey who's your, SA Guerra and, please don't make it The one that I told you about when we were texting the other day,

[00:35:29] Mickey: no, now I forgot. No, I'm pretty sure. Well, it's my pick to me. It just it's it's I guess, obvious. And just in terms of like, how, how you portray, portray in how he's portray and how it really is, and just who has that kind of gravitas and roughness at the time, you know, it's a Yaphet Kotto. Um,

[00:35:45] Frey: Yeah,

[00:35:46] it's

[00:35:46] Mickey: that's, to me that that's all envision, but honestly, like, I mean, he could play any, any role in this though,

[00:35:51] Josh: no, yeah. He could

[00:35:51] Mickey: at the same time.

[00:35:53] Josh: So,

[00:35:54] Mickey: Yeah. So this would also be a good Broon role too. Maybe then if Jas playing Cassian or something. But, but to me, I just can't, it just seems, he seems so great.

[00:36:02] Josh: yeah, he, he was the first one, that crossed my mind. I think he would be, perfect because again, it's that imposing serious kind of crazy.

[00:36:11] Mickey: Mm-hmm

[00:36:12] Josh: quite sure what he's gonna do. And that, that I think, ya Akoto, he perfectly fits the bill.

[00:36:18] so yeah, so, If he's not already in the movie, I think, that's a slam dunk. Um, my saw

[00:36:27] Russ: Yes.

[00:36:28] Mickey: right.

[00:36:29] Russ: Yes.

[00:36:30] Josh: because

[00:36:30] that guy's a crazy motherfucker

[00:36:32] Frey: right.

[00:36:33] Josh: and, and,

[00:36:35] but like the other thing too, like, I have to be honest, like, depending on the movie, depending on which Klauss Kinski you get, like I could also see him as Galen Erso

[00:36:45] Frey: Oh, yeah.

[00:36:45] Josh: could also see him as, Krennic

[00:36:47] like, did, you know, by the way he was, um, Spielberg wanted him for, the Nazi with the, uh, the top hat in Raiders of the lost Ark Thot or whatever his

[00:36:58] name is the guy in.

[00:37:00] Frey: makes sense.

[00:37:00] Cause

[00:37:01] Mickey: the SP guy.

[00:37:02] Josh: Oh yeah. The guy that has his, his face melted off at and the medallion.

[00:37:05] so you're into his hand.

[00:37:06] Mickey: That would've been good.

[00:37:08] Josh: yeah, no, and, uh, uh, KLAS, Kings, keep, he turned it down. He refused to do it, but just as like, is par for the course of his like very questionable, career decisions. Like he really hated the idea I think Klaus Kinsky really hated the idea that he would that anyone would like.

[00:37:26] Like a movie he was in or like, like him in the movie, like, I don't know. He is, he has this weird, like, like, self-destructive streak. It's like the idea that Steven Spielberg wants you to do Raiders of the lost Ark, Jaws Steven Spielberg with Star Wars George Lucas.

[00:37:42] you turn it down.

[00:37:43] I don't know, man. It just seems like a payday, if nothing else.

[00:37:46] Frey: Yeah. And that would've been like on the heels of, uh Nosto, which I feel like might've been like what he was thinking of and maybe, uh, from kins, maybe it was just like, that is, he was thinking that's too much. Like Nosto like, it's kind of a,

[00:37:59] Josh: I

[00:37:59] Mickey: Hmm

[00:38:00] Josh: man, but like, but

[00:38:01] Mickey: is Daylon

[00:38:02] Frey: kind of like a hissy hissy villain.

[00:38:04] Josh: No, that's true. That's true. If you, so yes. So if you do Klauss Kinski as Galen Erso, then your pick, Mickey, his, his real life daughter, Natasha Kinski as Jyn. Then you don't have to worry about,

[00:38:14] Mickey: chemistry.

[00:38:15] Josh: the,

[00:38:15] likeness. Yeah. I mean, it's the real, but yeah. Um, for SA Guerrera Jon's was Lewis Gossett, Jr.

[00:38:23] Russ: Ooh,

[00:38:24] Josh: he would do

[00:38:24] Frey: Yeah. I like it.

[00:38:26] Mickey: My one, my one other backup I had was, um, was, uh, Scott, Glen?

[00:38:29] Russ: Ooh.

[00:38:31] Frey: Oh, wow.

[00:38:31] Josh: yeah. Well, Scott, Glen, in Apocalypse Now he plays the guy they sent in before Martin Sheen. Right? who, goes native.

[00:38:39] Mickey: Yep. Yeah. That's him, right?

[00:38:41] Josh: Yeah. Uh, what's his name in The

[00:38:42] Mickey: Yeah.

[00:38:43] Josh: name? Colby. Sorry. I was trying to do a Martin. She, it didn't.

[00:38:47] Mickey: Yeah. Richard Lieutenant Richard Colby. Yeah.

[00:38:50] Josh: Yeah.

[00:38:50] Frey: Lance.

[00:38:51] That's my.

[00:38:52] Josh: Lance, okay. Um, uh, the pilot, what's his name?

[00:38:58] Frey: Boaty rock.

[00:38:59] Mickey: ODI,

[00:39:00] Frey: Yeah.

[00:39:01] Josh: who's your pick for, bohi Mickey.

[00:39:04] Mickey: this one is a fun one. And literally there's just so many people I could think of. , that would just work so well because I mean, it's just one of those fun roles that so many of those actors at time could really sink their teeth into. I mean, I think it's one of the ones, one of the many ones John could, cuz it's caval, cuz I, we just went over this but could play.

[00:39:19] But um, my, my first, my first gut instinct, um, I'd like to see, um, what would be Brad doth?

[00:39:29] Russ: Mm,

[00:39:30] Josh: that would be good. Yeah, because he's supposed to be, he's supposed to be young, right?

[00:39:35] Mickey: Yeah.

[00:39:36] Josh: no, that's good. I like that. Russ, who's your bohi

[00:39:39] Russ: Richard, drefus.

[00:39:40] Josh: that's mine.

[00:39:42] Russ: Yeah, we're right. it's it's too perfect. He would just, I just think more of, uh, like a touch of like the, the jaws kind, like era Richard Dryfus with, with a, with a touch of, uh, you know, maybe like the, the close encounters kind of neurosis. Um, I met a little Mr. Holland's Opus, you, you know, into his future catalog, but yeah, I think, I think he's got that kind of, uh, that kind of fun energy and he can really, Yeah. he'd

[00:40:13] Josh: It's like, you know, you can imagine him like, because the character in the movie, riz IED is, like he's sort of in over his head, he does this thing. And then he's, he's kind of nervous because he doesn't know what they're going to do with him on either side. and I can just imagine, you know, Richard drefus is like, you know, nervously cracking jokes to his captors and stuff like that.

[00:40:32] But then he ultimately at the end of the movie, does have the steel and the courage, like to blow himself up to save everybody. so, but that's good. Uh, Frey, who's your, bohi your bohi pick

[00:40:42] Frey: Well, I got two and they are John Cazale and Brad Douriff.

[00:40:51] Russ: Uh, we're all right.

[00:40:52] Mickey: We're there. Same wave. Like there. I love it.

[00:40:54] now I'm interested to see if, if had another one because I did have one more and it's Richard Pryor,

[00:40:58] Josh: That was my other one. That was my other.

[00:41:01] Mickey: oh,

[00:41:01] Josh: so now I have none picks because,

[00:41:03] Mickey: I'm sorry. Oh my

[00:41:05] Josh: because both of you took 'em, but, um, Jon's was, Laurence Fishburne

[00:41:10] Russ: nice.

[00:41:11] Frey: to get Lawrence freshman in there. Just, I don't, because

[00:41:14] Mickey: yeah.

[00:41:15] Pops now. Like he's

[00:41:16] right there. Yeah. Larry

[00:41:17] Russ: a lot of

[00:41:18] connections. yeah.

[00:41:19] Josh: I mean, he would essentially be, playing the same character as apocalypse now,

[00:41:23] Russ: Yeah.

[00:41:23] Josh: uh, just a few years too early, because at this point he's, he's probably what, like, like 12, but, but I mean, I mean, we could make it work. uh, let's do, uh, K two. So the droid and you can separate them into, body and voice, if you so choose, Who went first, last time. I'm not, I'm not keeping track of this.

[00:41:42] Mickey: I think I.

[00:41:44] Josh: Um, Frey. Cause I'm mad Russ for stealing Richard me.

[00:41:50] Frey: I got two and I can't decide I'm gonna go. I'm gonna go with John Ritter.

[00:41:54] Russ: Ooh,

[00:41:55] good. That's

[00:41:57] good.

[00:41:58] That's good,

[00:41:59] Josh: That's a great pick. That's so good.

[00:42:01] Frey: I'm trying. I couldn't really picture how exactly who would his voice got, has to be like like droid-ized in some way.

[00:42:08] Like, I

[00:42:09] Josh: But no,

[00:42:10] Frey: do the

[00:42:10] Josh: him

[00:42:11] to

[00:42:11] Frey: he, yeah.

[00:42:13] Josh: yeah, no, but I want him to do it.

[00:42:15] Russ: so good. Oh

[00:42:16] man,

[00:42:17] Josh: good.

[00:42:18] Russ: I have the only competitor.

[00:42:19] Josh: Okay. Who you got Russ for?

[00:42:21] K two

[00:42:21] SSO.

[00:42:22] Russ: Albert

[00:42:23] Brooks.

[00:42:24] Josh: That

[00:42:24] is good. That is good. Uh,

[00:42:27] Mickey,

[00:42:28] Mickey: I was, I would say for like realism at the time, like I kind of have like the pick, because I mean, at this time period, when you're doing voice actors, you didn't have like, that was a thing you were in voice actor and only voice actors really at that time were doing voice act. And, you know, there, wasn't this kind of crossover of a celebrity doing other things popping up as a voice.

[00:42:46] So if you're kind of being like, if this is like a realistic thing to me, you know, it'd have to be someone like that. And the only name that kind of, I can really think of at the time would've been, you know, Mel Blanc. I know he's he did some sci-fi robot voices in other kind of seventies. Type of thing.

[00:42:59] So that's, that's kind of my realistic choice. Um, and, but then like, in terms of like, but, oh, who cares? You can do, you know, get someone else in there. Um, I think like, again, there was funny. I mean, there's just so many people like, like, you know, the guys you mentioned that just, I feel would be so great, but like I was thinking like Gene Wilder, Dan Akroyd

[00:43:16] you know, like there's A

[00:43:18] lot of fun ways

[00:43:18] Frey: Yeah.

[00:43:19] Russ: Aro would be awesome.

[00:43:21] Mickey: dry,

[00:43:22] but

[00:43:22] Russ: man.

[00:43:23] Mickey: sardonic. yeah,

[00:43:24] Russ: Aro wins for me right off there. That's

[00:43:27] Josh: I think if it, I think if it weren't John Ritter, I think it would be aro though, though. I'm not sure. Um, here's one where I was thinking, so I took a little inspiration from Jon's list. he separated for K two SSO, , the body. would be, Peter Ma who played Chewbacca, because I guess in his mind, he's like, he's like a

[00:43:42] Frey: Yeah.

[00:43:43] Josh: still

[00:43:44] Mickey: Yeah. Why not?

[00:43:45] Josh: Dr.

[00:43:46] Russ: And he is

[00:43:46] hanging around the lot, so you

[00:43:47] can just pick him up. Yeah.

[00:43:49] Mickey: think Richard keel could be a body too.

[00:43:51] Josh: yeah, right. And, for the voice was, um,

[00:43:54] David Niven.

[00:43:55] Russ: Ooh.

[00:43:56] Josh: his,

[00:43:57] Frey: oh, nice.

[00:43:58] Russ: Yeah.

[00:43:58] Yeah, I like that

[00:44:00] Josh: so in that spirit, I was thinking, you have someone like either a Peter Mayew or a Dave Prowse for the body, wanted Ernest Borgnine for the voice.

[00:44:09] Russ: Oh,

[00:44:10] okay. Yeah, yeah,

[00:44:12] Josh: And then, um, my comedy option is, for body invoice is, uh, is Ben GZA

[00:44:18] Russ: yeah.

[00:44:23] Frey: you know, I did

[00:44:24] have one other one Peter Sellers

[00:44:26] for K

[00:44:27] Russ: oh

[00:44:28] yeah, that's

[00:44:28] Josh: of course,

[00:44:30] Russ: That's good.

[00:44:30] Josh: of course. Peter Sellers. God, how come he wasn't the first, my mind is really slipping.

[00:44:34] Mickey: I feel like if you're gonna do Peter Sellers I feel like you just trying to do more of an Android thing don't and don't change them up. Don't make them too robot.

[00:44:40] Just kind of think, cause they're keep them, keep them looking. Maybe add some, some

[00:44:44] star

[00:44:44] Trek, do dads or something.

[00:44:45] Josh: some some, ping pong, balls in like a, a pasta stranger to their head or something. I

[00:44:50] Mickey: But I

[00:44:51] wanna see

[00:44:51] Russ: Well, then you're then you're doing

[00:44:52] Mickey: tall and gangly

[00:44:53] Russ: That's the space balls. Joan river's kind of, uh, droid, uh, style. Yeah.

[00:44:58] Josh: no. And also like the, the poster for like, sleeper or something it's like, is like, it's like, it is like sort of what I have in my head now. what about, bail or Ghana. I know it's only a small cameo he has in this, but, does anyone

[00:45:12] Frey: no, I meant to try to think of one, but I didn't, because that would be interesting because then you're kind of casting for you know, like decades down the line too.

[00:45:19] Josh: Well, for Peter Cushing though, it's like the same thing, right? It's like, so, so maybe person they would've to reanimate,

[00:45:25] Frey: Yeah.

[00:45:26] Josh: be whoever they cast as, as Baylor kinda? Um,

[00:45:30] Mickey: the only thing that comes to my mind is Freddie prince

[00:45:32] S

[00:45:33] Josh: okay.

[00:45:34] Mickey: I think oh, he died. He, he killed himself in 77. So it would've been right on

[00:45:38] Josh: Yeah, because he made this movie, Uh, sorry. That's a be, yeah, I'm sorry. I'm

[00:45:45] Frey: It could have saved him.

[00:45:46] Josh: Or could have saved him.

[00:45:47] Russ: Oh, no.

[00:45:48] Josh: sorry, sorry. That was in poor taste and at fresh off of, of, doing a whole episode devoted to mental health and I'm making, I'm making light of it, but that's, but that's what you, but that's what you have to

[00:45:58] Mickey: that's. Why it's,

[00:45:59] that's why you can joke about.

[00:46:00] Frey: Yeah.

[00:46:01] Josh: cuz otherwise what's the point. Am I right? Okay. I don't

[00:46:05] wanna go anywhere too. Dark uh, for bail or Ghana, I was thinking, Jose Ferrer.

[00:46:09] Russ: Yeah. right.

[00:46:13] Josh: Or Telly Savalas. Because I like the idea of that

[00:46:15] Mickey: Yeah.

[00:46:16] Frey: In a dual role.

[00:46:17] Josh: in a no, no, Like I just like, I mean that would be confusing. Like I had him for what? For, uh, for

[00:46:24] Krennic?

[00:46:25] Frey: yeah,

[00:46:25] yeah,

[00:46:26] Josh: I retract my submission of Telly Savalas for Krennic, and I submit him exclusively for the role of Bail Organa.

[00:46:33] Frey: no, I think it should be him playing those two roles cuz then it, like, people are gonna try to like read into it. It's like, are they, what are they saying here?

[00:46:39] Josh: or maybe, um, Peter Sellers. He plays, K two SSO and Krennic, and

[00:46:46] Mickey: directs it.

[00:46:47] Josh: and Galen Erso., Do we have any Mon Mothmas?

[00:46:54] Russ: Oh, I have, I have a, um, of a bail again. I have two choices. Um, so this might be too intense, but I was thinking like, like a James Brolin, uh, would he have done it? I don't know. But James Brolin is bail organic. My backup or more potential might have done it. Uh, bill Bixby TV's incredible Hulk.

[00:47:12] Josh: that's a sexy choice. I like

[00:47:14] Frey: Yeah,

[00:47:14] Russ: Yeah,

[00:47:15] he is got, he is got, look, he's got, he's got the eyes.

[00:47:17] He's got the kind of, kind of sad eyes and I was like

[00:47:21] throw a bit of a

[00:47:21] mustache on bill and you got it going.

[00:47:24] Josh: for a requirement mustache

[00:47:26] Russ: mustache. Yeah.

[00:47:28] Josh: Jon doesn't have a bail organ. , Mon Mothma, for John was just, the original actress that they got for

[00:47:33] Jedi, but, um, I'm thinking maybe Shelly Winters.

[00:47:37] Frey: Oh yeah. I like that.

[00:47:39] Mickey: Yeah.

[00:47:40] I got, uh, Gena Rowlands

[00:47:42] just Gena Rowlands in there,

[00:47:43] Josh: yeah, no, no. It's it's.

[00:47:46] Mickey: old for, so.

[00:47:47] Josh: no, no, you're right. It's it's Gena Rowlands. It's it's Gena Rowlands.

[00:47:51] Frey: I'm just gonna think of an extra one right now. Julie Christie.

[00:47:54] Josh: Oh, Julie.

[00:47:55] Russ: Ooh,

[00:47:55] Josh: that's a good choice.

[00:47:56] Russ: my.

[00:47:57] Josh: or, um, Oh, God. why am I blanking on her name? the Avengers from the sixties.

[00:48:02] Frey: Diana rig.

[00:48:02] Josh: Yes.

[00:48:03] Russ: yeah.

[00:48:03] I could see

[00:48:04] that.

[00:48:04] Josh: the little two action star, but I don't know. In the seventies, maybe she was, she would do something like that. She was like a little bit older, but still, I don't know.

[00:48:13] She was in, um, this, really creepy show on the BBC at the time called, , Sapphire and steel.

[00:48:19] Mickey: Heard of it.

[00:48:20] Josh: Oh God. Yeah. How did I not? Oh God. Who's um, of a guy in Sapphire and steel, he should, he should be in this fucking movie. guys. I'm

[00:48:27] going down a

[00:48:28] Frey: Who's steel or is

[00:48:30] he

[00:48:30] Sapphire?

[00:48:31] Josh: he's steel. oh, um, no, I'm sorry.

[00:48:34] Uh, Joanna Lumley, Joanna Lumley is who I'm thinking of.

[00:48:38] Frey: I can't picture. I know the name. I can't picture

[00:48:40] Josh: well, she's my

[00:48:41] mamma

[00:48:42] Mickey: see it. I'm looking at her now.

[00:48:43] and,

[00:48:44] David McCullum is

[00:48:45] still,

[00:48:46] Josh: David McCullum, he could, um, he could

[00:48:48] Mickey: yeah, he's, he's gotta be in this.

[00:48:50] Josh: Yeah, he could be either, uh, Krennic or, or Galen, or he could be one of our cameo Imperial offices. No, he's, he's the guy, he's the guy in the rebel meeting. Who's like the coward. Who's like, no, we can't.

[00:49:05] Mickey: Oh yeah, he'd be great

[00:49:06] at that.

[00:49:07] Russ: I had a Mon Mothma pick that, that I thought could go, um, could also be, uh, Jyn Erso could go either way. Uh, I was thinking Katherine Ross from a Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, uh, she plays at a, at a place. Um, but I was thinking, uh, she would be a great Jyn Erso. So she was a backup. I totally forgot, uh,

[00:49:25] to

[00:49:25] mention,

[00:49:26] Josh: That's that's a good pick.

[00:49:27] Mickey: I thought Ellen Burstyn has it backed up

[00:49:29] Russ: Ooh, Ooh,

[00:49:31] that's a great

[00:49:32] Josh: Ellen Burt. That is a great choice. And there's the, the Scorsese, connection, which is a nice segue into, who do you think would've directed this,

[00:49:40] Russ: We're gonna have the

[00:49:40] same pick I'm afraid.

[00:49:42] Josh: no, I don't think we will. Um, here's the baroque scenario that I've envisioned in my mind for the, the production, situation of this film.

[00:49:50] Like, I, I feel like the studio was worried about Star Wars, that it was gonna be too weird and no one would understand it and it was gonna flop. So to hedge, they commissioned a cheapo world war II style movie that would, lead in as like a, as like a movie of the week or something, similar to how, they released, the comic adaptation and the novelization of Star Wars, like months and months, like in 1976 even.

[00:50:17] the kind of like the drum up. So in my, imagine scenario George Lucas wasn't necessarily thrilled about this happening. Right. So, he's not , the director, he's not in charge of it. Um, which I think kind of jives with the fact that he had nothing to do with the, the rogue one that they actually made.

[00:50:35] I don't think that this is necessarily a movie he would've, um, he would've made, so, for directors, you know, at one point he did envision Star Wars as like a James Bond, like sort of anthology franchise where like he would, he would start it off. He would sort of. set the world in motion. And then , it would just be like a sandbox where all of his friends would come in and make like their Star Wars movie.

[00:51:01] Right. So you could see it as like him, throwing a bone to one of his friends. Like I was also imagining, you know, very famously, Brian DePalma like really thought George was, torpedoing his, career with this movie and he really didn't understand it at all, what it was.

[00:51:17] So I was like, so maybe DePalma would, try to help him out and sort of, direct Like his version of what he thought Star Wars should be to kind of, to tee up his buddy's movie. So, so it's not a, flop and he doesn't fall flat. On his face, but I don't know.

[00:51:32] I don't know about that, but anyway, Mickey, who's your director for Rogue One in the seventies.

[00:51:37] Mickey: So I got like, couple like different thoughts. Like again, cuz like this is really, you know, like pick actress, pick actress, this is again more of the play, like where you're saying like what's, what's the scenario here and everything, you know, what's going on. And um, and I guess, I guess I already kind of said it where like I can envision to me, I envision, this is going out for like, you know, a four hire thing.

[00:51:56] First of all, the writers are Schrader and John Milius writes this together somehow without killing each. Um, and then the script goes to Peckinpah, and he's just kind, he has to be fired after, you know, X days in the desert or something like that disappears. And then like, and then I guess my pick, like the E the, the easy pick, which would be the easy pick the studio would go with, cuz he's the guy who's helmed these before this is the guy who's got that experience, you know, doing this type of thing would be Alrich.

[00:52:21] Robert Aldrich who's, you

[00:52:22] know,

[00:52:23] the,

[00:52:23] I think go to guy for these men on a movie. Okay. Yeah.

[00:52:26] Russ: Ooh,

[00:52:27] then it's

[00:52:27] right.

[00:52:28] Josh: my pick is Robert Aldrich.

[00:52:30] Mickey: it's the correct pick so, and I would, I would say the other interesting thing like to think about too, um, would be just because I didn't realize was doing research is an Irvin Kershner director of, um, Empire Strikes Back, did a minute, the mission movie, but he actually did it later. He did one in the eighties, um, about like their, the Israeli hostage rescue with a movie that Yaphet Kotto was actually in. So that's a possible like get him involved with Star Wars a little earlier by handling a man with a

[00:52:53] mission movie.

[00:52:54] Josh: Well, that's actually, he actually made that, before Star Wars. I'm pretty sure I don't think it was in the eighties, uh, because it's it's one of the reasons that he got the job for Empire was because he demonstrated he could direct action. So it also makes sense that, you know, if, if this is something that is sort of, being forced upon George, or if not forced upon it's something that he can't direct himself because he has his hands full with, Star Wars that he would do something similar to what he would do after Star Wars for, the sequel.

[00:53:25] He, he would go to someone that he knew and trusted. So, so Irvin Kershner I mean, he's an interesting pick. He could have done this.

[00:53:33] Mickey: Yeah. 76 right down at the bed.

[00:53:35] Josh: Yeah.

[00:53:36] Mickey: So that would, right, right then.

[00:53:37] Josh: Frey. Who's your direct.

[00:53:39] Frey: I'm gonna go with, uh, Roger Donaldson who went on to direct cocktail and species. Uh, but then, uh, in 1977 he directed a movie called sleeping dogs with Sam Neil and actually Warren oats.

[00:53:52] Um, it was about, it was, it was like, yeah, it's like a, uh, about like a revolution against a anti or against fascist government, um, in New Zealand.

[00:54:03] Um, So I'm, I'm just, I guess, like I'm imagining him being offered this and then deciding to, uh, let go that movie and direct this movie

[00:54:11] Josh: that's actually a really good, a really good choice. Russ, who's your director

[00:54:16] and

[00:54:17] Russ: So it's funny cuz uh,

[00:54:18] Josh: I think I know who it.

[00:54:19] Russ: uh, yeah, you do. Uh, so yeah, because Warren Oates got mentioned and specifically in the Dillinger movie and then just being in a circle of friends, I honestly was just thinking John Milius would've directed. Maybe they needed someone to come in, do it on the cheap and kind of get it done and someone who can bring kind of a militaristic, uh, viewpoint

[00:54:36] for some realism. So yeah, John Milius would be, uh, my choice of the time and just kind of fits in that, that Lucas co gang, it's all kind of, uh, best buds making moves together.

[00:54:46] Mickey: Yeah. And I feel like if you're gonna have a director direct, the character Saw, like, that's, that's the director you're gonna, who's gonna really catch, capture that character per you know, perfectly like he's interested as it's kinda like, you know, conservative the conservative of the group. But yet I think he has the revolutionary mindset down

[00:55:03] better than anyone at the time.

[00:55:05] Russ: yeah.

[00:55:05] Josh: no, he absolutely does. I was gonna say Robert Aldrich, but now that you brought up Milius I think, I mean, I guess it all depends like how involved the studio was. so I think like you were saying, Mickey, Robert Aldrich, , he was a safe pair of hands.

[00:55:19] for those, uh, who don't know, Robert Alrich, he directed The Dirty Dozen and The Longest Yard, but, he did, , a bunch of film nos. , he did a lot of westerns, including, Vera Cruz from 1953, which is like the progenitor of the entire spaghetti Western genre.

[00:55:36] I mean, And it at least, certainly directly inspired Sergio Leoni. Who lifted a lot of like very specific things that, Robert Aldrich did in, Vera Cruz. And He's compared often to, or like spoken of as like the direct antied to Sam Peckinpah, except that Aldrich, he knew how to work the studios, and was considered like a safe pair of hands, where Sam Peckinpah was absolutely in no way considered a safe pair of hands.

[00:56:01] But, so Robert Aldrich. especially with, The Dirty Dozen on his filmography, which I feel like was a touchstone for Rogue One. And the fact that like, he would do something like this and he would do like a Young's job.

[00:56:14] And I think would've made a really, fucking fantastic film. So yeah, for me, I think it's either, you know, Milius or or Robert Aldrich, but, Roger Donaldson is again, Frey, someone never would've occurred to me, but that, that's a very intriguing choice and very well

[00:56:30] could

[00:56:30] Frey: I just thought of it right now, cuz I, I forgot to think of a director.

[00:56:37] Josh: my first one actually was, uh, William Friedkin.

[00:56:40] Frey: oh, nice.

[00:56:40] Mickey: Oh, yeah. Good.

[00:56:43] Russ: Getting your freaking

[00:56:43] on

[00:56:44] Josh: yeah, he gets your Friedkin on cuz because I was thinking of, uh, Roy Schneider for a bunch of, parts. And then I was thinking Friedkin because you know, very famously, Friedkin was really, pissed off that he made.

[00:56:56] SORC like the week before Star Wars, , came out and like, you know, no one saw his, his,

[00:57:03] Russ: so is so good. Oh,

[00:57:06] Josh: no it's so good. And it's also come full circle because wasn't there an episode of the Mandalorian that was like essentially

[00:57:12] sourcer.

[00:57:13] Russ: Yeah.

[00:57:14] Yeah. Oh man. So

[00:57:15] good.

[00:57:15] Mickey: The,

[00:57:15] wages of fear. So it's, it's a, it's a sor

[00:57:18] which sor is rages of fee. So Yeah.

[00:57:20] Josh: yeah.

[00:57:21] Mickey: and I was wrong. The word Eagle stare is directed by the guy who directed Kelly's Heroes. Um, which why I think I got my wires crossed on that, which is another great man on a mission movie.

[00:57:31] Russ: Did, did John pick a director?

[00:57:33] Josh: He said either Ridley, Scott or Richard Donner. Um, Ridley Scott, I think may have done it. because at this time I think he was still transitioning from, commercials to features. And I think, I mean, it depends, like, I don't know if like, if this is also a British production or not.

[00:57:52] I mean, if it is certainly that ups the UTS for that, but, you know, once again, and this is not gospel or anything, but like in my thought experiment where the whole impetus for this project is cuz the studio wants it. Like they would probably want the production to be stateside so they could sort of keep an eye on it and also do it

[00:58:09] cheaply. Which is actually the reason why they went to England was, because of the favorable conversion rate. So I don't know. I don't know. it doesn't ultimately it'll even matter cuz this cuz this never happened. So

[00:58:20] Russ: or did it?

[00:58:21] Josh: in some, in some universe, I, I think this would be a really fantastic Rogue One.

[00:58:28] Russ: I always prefer our versions of the films. I just, you know, we're right. You know, we have good ideas.

[00:58:35] Mickey: Yeah.

[00:58:36] Josh: do We wanna do, uh, down the cast list, uh, just sort of, lightning round and just say the name that, you like the most

[00:58:43] Frey: yeah.

[00:58:43] Josh: Okay. let's start with Jyn. Frey, who's your favorite Jyn?

[00:58:47] Frey: , I'll go with Jenny Agutter. Cause since there was two of us that,

[00:58:51] Russ: that

[00:58:51] Frey: yeah,

[00:58:54] Mickey: I go Grier. That was my favorite. I

[00:58:57] Frey: right. Yeah.

[00:58:58] Russ: Yeah, that I, I would also go that way. I think that could be fun

[00:59:01] Josh: I'm also going Pam Greer.

[00:59:03] What about, and Ander?

[00:59:05] Russ: I'll stick with my

[00:59:06] Caza.

[00:59:06] Josh: can say I respect that.

[00:59:08] Mickey?

[00:59:09] Mickey: Yeah, he's gotta be in there somewhere and I feel like that's a good spot for, yeah. So I'm going John Cazale too.

[00:59:14] Josh: Oh, wow. Okay. Frey?

[00:59:16] Frey: I'll go with Martin Sheen.

[00:59:18] Mickey: Oh

[00:59:18] yeah

[00:59:19] Josh: Jean,

[00:59:20] Russ: You know what I, I would actually, in

[00:59:22] this instance, I I would go Sheen. I say, I say clean sweep on the Sheen. I, I, I totally forgot already, but yeah, especially The Little Girl Lives Down the Lane Sheen and like, like, what is that post Bandland Sheen? Uh, yeah. .

[00:59:34] Josh: Okay. What about, uh, Krennic?

[00:59:36] Mickey: I like my pick. Sorry, I'm gonna stick with Cassavetes.

[00:59:39] Russ: I would like to see Cassavetes do it. I had said Martin Landau, but honestly, I'd rather save, uh, that, that looks style for Nimoy. And I'd rather go caves for, for because he is got, he's got that charming sparkle in his eye. It's like, I, yeah, he's devious, especially all his Colombo episodes. He's just got that duality.

[00:59:56] I love

[00:59:56] Mickey: Oh,

[00:59:56] Russ: Yeah.

[00:59:57] I love him in a Colombo.

[00:59:59] Yeah.

[00:59:59] Josh: Frey

[01:00:01] Frey: um, man, I do like Landau.

[01:00:03] Russ: Mm-hmm

[01:00:04] Frey: I'm gonna go with Landau.

[01:00:05] Russ: I'm I'm to I'm torn. I'm torn.

[01:00:08] Josh: I'm really torn. I don't know who to go with for this one.

[01:00:11] there's so many good options. I

[01:00:12] think I'm gonna go with, I guess Cassavetes. I guess I'm going with Cassavetes. I want the bad because the one that I really liked, the one that I really liked caves for was, uh, was Galen Erso. But I think we have a lot good ones for Galen Erso So I wanna see Cassavetes as like the, the, bad one and like he's got the range, he could do all of that, that like the menacing and then like the pathetic it's like, I mean, that's the guy. So Galen, so Galen Erso, Jyn's

[01:00:34] father.

[01:00:35] Frey: What were some of the picks?

[01:00:37] Russ: McGoohan and but I, and I really like Nimoy for it. And Patrick McGoohan would be great, put 'em in anything, but, but I feel like for whatever recent Nimoy really, really is as an interesting choice, especially if you're going caves for Krennic then I would go Nimoy

[01:00:52] Josh: fascinating. I like it.

[01:00:54] Frey: I think I'm gonna do Nimoy too.

[01:00:55] Russ: Yes.

[01:00:56] Mickey: Nimoy's good, but I'm going with Patrick McGoohan.

[01:00:58] Russ: Look, you win either way. You win either way,

[01:01:01] Mickey: Yeah.

[01:01:02] Josh: Yeah, this is a tough one. I think. Um, I think I go with McGoohan. I think I go with McGoohan on this one. This

[01:01:09] Russ: man. I'm gonna watch, I'm

[01:01:10] gonna watch Scanners later. Just get some McGoohan fix.

[01:01:13] Frey: Get all McGoo-ey.

[01:01:18] Josh: Chirrut and Baze? I'm all over the, uh, Charles Bronson, Richard Roundtree

[01:01:21] Frey: Yeah.

[01:01:22] Josh: combo. I think that's,

[01:01:24] Mickey: Yeah. I, I, I, I, trust Jonny's choice, but that one's good too.

[01:01:27] Josh: though, I really thought that there was a place for David Carradine in this movie. And I'm sad that,

[01:01:33] Russ: He was my backup,

[01:01:34] Josh: uh,

[01:01:35] Mickey: Throw 'em in an Xing.

[01:01:37] Josh: No, think I'm going with, David Carradine and Bronson.

[01:01:40] Russ: I could see that.

[01:01:41] Frey: that's also good.

[01:01:42] Russ: extra character in the movie who cares? We're making it up as we go.

[01:01:45] Just throw throw

[01:01:46] Frey: a, that's a

[01:01:46] Russ: Three of 'em.

[01:01:48] Mickey: Ernest Borgnine's just in there as Ernest Borgnine.

[01:01:50] somehow.

[01:01:52] Russ: Sitting in the back of the ship, peeling

[01:01:54] potatoes or something

[01:01:55] Frey: he's on vacation.

[01:01:58] Josh: Who sticks out for Saw? Saw Guerra? Russ.

[01:02:01] Russ: Oh,

[01:02:02] I still kind of want a Brando, but like, and hypothetical, but, you know,

[01:02:06] Frey: Why, why I can't do Brando

[01:02:08] Russ: no, he could, I mean, would he take it? I don't know, but it's our fantasy. So he did, he takes the role. He nails it.

[01:02:14] Josh: I think it's Yaphet Kotto

[01:02:16] me.

[01:02:17] Mickey: I'm sticking with that.

[01:02:18] Frey: Yeah. Yaphet Koto. Yeah.

[01:02:20] Russ: Hey, I'll I'm a joiner. Sure.

[01:02:22] Frey: When it, when it's Yaphet I'll always be a joiner.

[01:02:25] Russ: Always

[01:02:27] Josh: And who's your Bodhi?

[01:02:28] Frey: John Cazale for me, except I, I do want Brad Douriff to be in there somewhere. So I, like that coward that you mentioned before the, I think he's a Senator, his name is Vasp Vaspar, and

[01:02:39] he's played by an actor named Fares Fares and like so they made his name redundant based off his name.

[01:02:45] So I think that character's name is gonna be Dad Bouriff buff, and it's gonna be played by Brad

[01:02:49] Douriff. Dad Bouriff played by Brad Douriff.

[01:02:52] Josh: Okay. Well, well, that's gotta be it that I think. I do like Richard Dreyfuss.

[01:03:00] Russ: Yeah,

[01:03:00] Frey: oh yeah, that,

[01:03:01] is good.

[01:03:02] Mickey: Yeah,

[01:03:03] Josh: K-2SO O for me is Peter Sellers. I think it's gotta be Peter Sellers,

[01:03:08] Russ: I still like the John Ritter and, and who is the other?

[01:03:11] Josh: Dan Akroyd.

[01:03:11] Frey: Tana

[01:03:12] Russ: A Akroyd is a real cause like the voice. Yeah.

[01:03:16] Frey: It's gotta be whoever, because that is a funny joke. The like, did you, did you think that was me or whatever? I forgot. Like, when she shoots the other droid.

[01:03:24] Josh: Right?

[01:03:24] Frey: like that soy funny joke. So it's gotta be whoever did that, does that the best?

[01:03:29] Russ: That's a John Ritter right there,

[01:03:31] Frey: Yeah. yeah.

[01:03:33] Russ: I see his face.

[01:03:35] Josh: I also think it's not, it's not an Akroyd moment. I don't think.

[01:03:39] Frey: Yeah, I guess not. Yeah.

[01:03:41] Russ: I'm going, I'm going John Ritter. I think it's a perfect, I think it's,

[01:03:44] Frey: if it's, if it's Akroyd Grosse Point Blank

[01:03:52] Akroyd.

[01:03:52] Josh: There were some interesting ones for Mon Mothma.

[01:03:54] Frey: was, at least

[01:03:55] Mickey: I had, I had Rowlands. Gena Rowlands.

[01:03:57] Frey: Oh

[01:03:58] Josh: Yeah, yeah,

[01:03:59] no, I think Gena Rowlands is my

[01:04:00] Russ: yeah, that that's a, that's a winner right there.

[01:04:02] Frey: yeah. For sure.

[01:04:04] Josh: And director. Who do we like for

[01:04:06] director? I'm still thinking Robert Aldrich for me, it's either Robert

[01:04:09] Mickey: Yeah. I think just, just for being factual to the time I'm going with Aldrich

[01:04:13] Russ: If he doesn't decide to do it or the studio, you know, the studio wouldn't allow Milius, I'd say, yeah.

[01:04:17] Josh: Milius Is also is also accurate to the times

[01:04:20] Mickey: He script doctored it for sure.

[01:04:21] Russ: You know,

[01:04:22] Josh: Yeah. Okay. Yeah. I buy that.

[01:04:24] Mickey: It would be like, Jaws where he literally

[01:04:25] just writes the Saw scenes, the Saw

[01:04:28] Frey: Yeah,

[01:04:29] Josh: Yeah. Right. so imagine that this is a movie that's most known for like a monologue or like a phrase or like a turn of phrase. Like I love the smell of napalm in the morning or like, you know, the USS Indianapolis speech, like imagine if this was a Star Wars movie known for its dialogue.

[01:04:48] Mickey: Right.

[01:04:49] Josh: I mean, like, just imagine that for, for a

[01:04:51] Frey: That would be crazy. Cuz if you're, if it is like the cheap television kind of, uh, companion piece, it's like

[01:04:57] kind of like, yeah,

[01:04:58] Josh: you would need to rely more on the dialogue.

[01:05:00] Frey: it's like beloved now because of just like that, it's like the one thing that like a lot of other Star Wars don't star movies don't really have. I mean, they have

[01:05:07] like

[01:05:07] Josh: Yeah,

[01:05:08] Frey: but.

[01:05:09] Josh: no. Yeah. They have famous lines, but like, not necessarily for the best reasons like there are prequel memes, there are lines from those movies that everyone knows off the top of their head, but like the reason why it's not because it's John Milius.

[01:05:20] I love the smell of napalm in the morning stuff. It's it's it's like this. I like written by Milius directed by Robert Aldrich.

[01:05:28] Frey: yeah,

[01:05:29] Russ: I'll do that

[01:05:30] Josh: Okay. I think that about wraps it up. I had a lot of fun with this one.

[01:05:36] Mickey: I also just wanna say just randomly, because if you're watching any of those movie on those time periods, Jeff Goldblum just randomly in a X-Wing somewhere. And you're just like, is that Jeff Goldblum?

[01:05:44] Russ: to to totally gets blown up. Totally gets blown up.

[01:05:47] And yelps.

[01:05:48] Frey: I had him has a secondary for for Saw I had him, but like, if he just kind of like 70 seventies, Jeff Goldman, but like kind of aged up, like they've give him like gray in his hair and like, and it's like bigger than usual. His hair's like huge

[01:06:04] Russ: Got a pompadour.

[01:06:06] Josh: because that kind of happens for Jeff Goldblum, like for this period, Jeff Goldblum where like he pops up in movies you're like

[01:06:12] you're like, oh yeah, like Nashville

[01:06:15] or like

[01:06:16] Frey: invasion of the body snatchers.

[01:06:17] Josh: right. Invasion of the body snatch time. You're like, oh, I guess, I guess, uh, Goldblum's been around for a, for longer than I thought.

[01:06:24] Mickey: How

[01:06:24] Josh: Um,

[01:06:25] Frey: it's it's like 97.

[01:06:28] Josh: he's 17.

[01:06:30] Yeah. Well, I really enjoyed this. I think I enjoyed this more than the, the Prequels 1986 episode. We did for some reason. Like, I think it's just because I have more of an affinity for certain reasons for this time period, maybe is the reason I don't know.

[01:06:43] Frey: Yeah.

[01:06:44] Josh: guys feel this compares to the, prequels

[01:06:46] Frey: I think

[01:06:46] it's at least as good.

[01:06:47] Russ: Mustaches and sideburns can't be beat.

[01:06:50] Josh: Required

[01:06:51] Mickey: these are my people, these, these, these actors we're talking about, that's

[01:06:54] like, you know,

[01:06:56] Russ: It's just, it's gotta be dirty. It's gotta be dirty. It's gotta be quick. It's gotta be just, just, grimy.

[01:07:02] Josh: Imagine if they shot it on like.

[01:07:04] Russ: Super 16.

[01:07:06] Josh: Yeah, I mean, if this is like a, TV movie, they may have very well have shot it on super 16 though like in my mind, it's like, framed four to three. It's like, the academy aspect ratio or whatever, I mean, it's not wide screen or maybe it is. I don't know. I have no idea, this isn't real, so I don't know. Uh, well, unless anyone has anything further,

[01:07:25] If you like what you heard,transcripts are available of all the episodes, including this one at trashcompod.com.

[01:07:30] We are trashcompod across all social media and we will see you on the next one.

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